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Mar 07

Why Food, Sleep, and Exercise Are Important To Success

In searching for ways to be successful, there are pieces of advice and tips that you can get anywhere. But, little did everyone know that going back to the basics can largely help find the answers to becoming successful. There is no doubt that people nowadays forget to take good care of themselves. Living and …

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Sep 21

5 Habits That Will Help You Stay Healthy At Uni

Whether you are a freshman or have been enrolled at Uni for a longer period of time, studies can be overwhelming for everyone. Here comes the burden of meeting new people, as well as the myriad of academic obligations. The schedule of a student is often hectic, and can wreak real havoc on the sleep …

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Sep 06

7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

There isn’t such a person in the whole world, who doesn’t hear anything about healthy lifestyle, gluten-free foods, sports and junk food – foods you should exclude from your ration. You can be a person, who doesn’t connect with all this healthy stuff, for instance, an engineer, creating an amazing technologies for everyday routine, or …

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Apr 03

Don’t Be a Statistic: How to Survive the Flu Epidemic

According to the Centers for Disease Control, flu activity remains high across most of the country. In fact, at least 25 percent of the populations of every state has reported being positive for influenza. This means that it’s more important than ever to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. If you want to avoid …

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Dec 06

Be Friends with Your Skin

In the physical sense, your skin is what represents most of you. It covers your body, from head to toe and plays a very large part in how you appear. How your skin looks is also a meter for how healthy you are. Now who doesn’t want healthy flawless glowing skin? Your skin is the …

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Dec 05

Natural Food for a Healthy Life

Have you ever wondered why people fall ill? While growing up, we were told about hygiene and how germs thrive in unclean places and cause infection to make us unwell. Then, there are health issues arising out of factors like age. And, these days it is the stress that is causing a whole new kind …

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Mar 02

7 Easy Ways to Travel Green

As many of us have become well aware, humans have had a sizable impact on their natural environment. From how we move between places to how we wash our dishes, many of our everyday decisions have an environmental impact of varying sizes. This is especially the case when traveling. While traveling itself is inherently not …

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Feb 28

5 Ways To Be Green And Save Money In The Process

There are 2 major trends happening in the world right now – firstly, people want to save money, since this whole recession thingy has made everyone a bit short – and secondly, people want to start caring about the environment, though often only if it’s no hassle. So this post will help you to do …

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