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Sep 06

9 Ways to Go Green While Traveling

Sometimes, when people hear the term “green traveling,” they think of hiking through the Amazon or pitching your tent under the Norwegian stars–all in an eco-friendly way. While these eco-adventures are great options, there are many different (and more comfortable) ways to go green while traveling. Traveling just means going from Point A to Point …

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Jul 12

10 Must-try Eco-tours in Asia

If you thought that caring for the environment meant never taking trips abroad or traveling to new, exciting places then think again. Eco-tourism has gone mainstream, and now even the most luxurious holidays can be enjoyed responsibly, it just takes a bit of research and careful planning in advance. Asia has become one of the …

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Jan 16

5 Things We Can Learn From Australia

There are a few things we can learn from our distant neighbors in Australia. United States can learn a few things from the Aussies, it seems they are taking ‘Going Green’ into their own hands. Here are a few things that are Australia is doing to help our environment: Eco-Tourism: It is a way of …

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