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Sep 06

9 Ways to Go Green While Traveling

Sometimes, when people hear the term “green traveling,” they think of hiking through the Amazon or pitching your tent under the Norwegian stars–all in an eco-friendly way. While these eco-adventures are great options, there are many different (and more comfortable) ways to go green while traveling. Traveling just means going from Point A to Point …

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Aug 29

Ways to Implement An Eco-Friendly Business and How it Will Attract Investors

Ecotourism, organic food, farms – all of these flows in business are highly popular today. In the age of innovational technologies, business and ecology are closely intertwined, and with each year, the number of eco-conscious entrepreneurs is growing. This fact is easily explained. More and more people today strive to make a change for the …

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Jul 17

Infographic: Great Green Places to Stay

This infographic shows 10 great green destinations which lower environmental impact on their communities. Also details on ecotourism around the world. Great green places to stay infographic

Feb 25

Guest Post: Top 5 Eco Destinations for Green Travelers

eco tour ship

When you are making a list of all the romantic, exciting, adventurous places you might want to get away to this summer, you might want to add “eco” to your list of requirements. In today’s fragile environment, there are a number of vacation getaways and romantic destinations that are both luxurious and eco-friendly. In fact, …

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Feb 19

Amazing Thailand: “Land of Smiles”

When inhabitants converse as regards surprise moment, Thailand will be considered as a doubtless Kingdom in the top five places. This is one of the solitary reasons; Thailand is one of the pinnacle tourist destinations in the planet. Starting visiting places parallel to the astonishing Koi Samui Island, the historical Ayutthaya square or purely enjoying …

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Oct 09

Infographic: The Green Lifestyle vs. The Typical Lifestyle

This infographic lets us know through much research what has a total lower cost: the typical lifestyle or the green lifestyle. We will look at infancy, childhood, college age, responsible family and empty nesters. Which one will save you more green?

Aug 28

Going Eco-Friendly in Chamonix

Sustainable tourism, ecotourism, green-friendly… it’s undeniable that the hottest travel buzzwords these days are sustainability related. Popular opinion has finally caught up with what environmentalists have been promoting for years, and business owners too are starting to see just how sustainability measures are profitable in the short and long term, particularly when it comes to …

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Jul 24

The New Trend: Eco-Friendly Hotels and Villas

The new trend of eco-friendly hotels and villas is becoming popular because people have finally recognized the significance of co-existing with their environment. You should too, if you want to live a longer life in peace and harmony amidst the treasures that Mother Earth provides. What Are Eco-Friendly Hotels and Villas? Eco-friendly hotels and villas …

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Jun 12

Vietnam Green Travel Tips

The travel options in Vietnam are endless, whether you are hoping to visit the big cities, relax by the beach, or cruise through Halong Bay. For a chance to get back to nature and experience some stunning scenery visit the hills of Sapa Valley and trek through remote hill tribe villages. If you are more …

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Mar 02

7 Easy Ways to Travel Green

As many of us have become well aware, humans have had a sizable impact on their natural environment. From how we move between places to how we wash our dishes, many of our everyday decisions have an environmental impact of varying sizes. This is especially the case when traveling. While traveling itself is inherently not …

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Oct 27

5 Great Eco Lodge Holidays

Tanzania - eco lodge holidays

Here we have put together 5 of the best eco lodges we could find that really embody what It means to go on a green holiday. Self sufficiency is the order of the day, and we have picked 5 great lodges that combine a fun filled holiday with a dedicated, green ethos at heart. Turtle …

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Jul 29

5 Tips for Selecting a Green Travel Destination

Fiji eco lodge

1. Eco Lodges One of the best ways you can minimize the negative environmental impact of travel is selecting the right eco lodge, or green accommodation. Be sure to ask the hotel what types of green initiatives they have in place. An important, though often overlooked aspect of ecotourism, is the impact on the local …

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