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Dec 14

Electric Actuators are the Greenest Trend

We have technologies and automation which can make our life easier and more convenient, and have had them for a while now. What we are currently turning our attention to is how to make our energy greener and more sustainable. Linear actuators are a huge part of the changes we are making, partly because they …

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Oct 11

Deals for the Green Savvy Motorist

A greener driver is a more considerate driver. It is someone who looks after their emissions, monitors which pollutants the car produces and cares how badly it is harming the environment. The emissions include NO2  (nitrous oxide) and various hydrocarbons which have created lung problems in our big cities. It is also has an effect …

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Jul 25

Four Consumer Technologies That Are Paving the Way to a Greener Future

Technology is a wonderful thing. There are scientists working hard in labs and offices all across the world with a single goal: to make and invent something new. However, these technologies rarely reach the consumer market. If they do, they’re packaged in a way that helps us live our lives more comfortable and they’re usually …

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Jan 25

5 Most Incredible Electric Bicycle Tours

With electric bicycles rising in popularity every day, more and more people are picking them up. They are very environment friendly and also offer efficiency. Some of those people had the inspiration and courage to go on some of the longest expeditions by electric bike in the world. Today we’re taking a look at the …

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Oct 06

Green Transportation: 5 Ways Electric Cars Help Save The Environment

Fossil fuels are bad for the environment, but people are only going to stop using them when they have good alternatives. Electric cars are precisely the kind of alternative that can help people transition to green fuel sources. They can do a lot of different things to protect nature, which is one of the biggest …

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Aug 15

Which is a Better Choice – Electric Boiler or Gas Boiler?

If you are building a new home, you will need to decide what type of boiler you are going to install. The same is true if your existing boiler has broken down, and you need to replace it. The two options that you have available to you are gas boilers and electric boilers in UK. …

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May 26

Do You Want to Cut Fuel Bills? Go For Electric Car

Are you planning to purchase certified pre-owned cars, as they are cheap? How will it be if a car offers monetary benefits on mileage too? Consider buying an electric car, which fulfills money saving objective. What is Electric Car? An electric car is a vehicle that runs with the help of electric motors. The power …

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Dec 22

What’s So Good About Going Electric?

Whether it is electric cars or electric bikes, motorists are moving towards a more economical way to be on the road and it could be time to consider joining them. Why? We are going to look at reasons more and more people are moving towards an electric future. First of all, why should you choose …

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Dec 13

Hybrid Cars Popular Among Older Demographic

The interest in green vehicles among the younger population is a well-established fact. It’s pretty clear that young drivers like hybrids and electric cars because they help them save a lot of money on gas, and they are much more eco-friendly than gasoline-powered cars. Generation Y is far more environmentally conscious than the Baby Boomer …

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Nov 14

Hybrid vs Full On Electric Cars

The electric vehicle market has been growing at a pretty fast rate in the past few years, mainly thanks to high gas prices and government incentives. Electric car sales have even surpassed hybrid vehicle sales, which used to be the best-selling alternative fuel vehicles for a long time, before the first affordable all-electric vehicles were …

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Oct 23

Can a Car Have Guts AND Be Green?

When most people imagine a green car, the last image they usually perceive from such vehicles is that of performance. The image of the diminutive machine barely capable of getting out of its own way, once personified by hybrid and electric cars like GM’s EV-1 and the Toyota Prius, has fallen by the wayside in …

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Aug 06

Difficult Choice: Hybrid or Electric Car?

Considering that gas prices have been quite high in recent years, and are likely to go even higher in future, it’s no surprise that demand for hybrid and electric cars, which are more fuel-efficient than conventional cars, has increased significantly in recent years. This is despite the fact that hybrid and electric cars cost more …

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