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Apr 16

Does Investing in Solar Energy Solutions Justify the Cost?

The average consumer in the US tries to pay their bills on time. Each year the price of electricity seems to be getting higher. There are various factors affecting electricity prices which consumers do not understand easily. Regardless of whether the consumer is able to comprehend the reasons for the inflation of electricity prices, the …

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Feb 07

The Sun is Rising on Solar – Solar Across the US and EU

Solar energy is still a largely untapped resource in the United States. While the past decade has seen a massive increase in solar in both the US and across the world, fossil fuel interests still hold an iron grip on much of the energy market. The benefits of solar energy have been downplayed by many …

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Dec 28

The Power of Unplugging

If you want to live a greener life there are many different things you can do to make a difference.  You can use natural cleaning products, use public transportation, invest in fluorescent light bulbs and many other things. You probably have heard of many of these but did you know that unplugging can be an …

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Dec 02

Did You Know You Really Could Save The Planet?

We bet you’ve heard of the idea that one person can make all the difference when changing the world of today. This concept seems to crop up a lot with regards to the environment and what we can do to stop global warming. But just how accurate is it? As it turns out, there’s quite …

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Dec 31

5 Ways for College Students to Live Green

College campuses are chaotic, busy hubs. Often students are so preoccupied, they forget about their impact on the environment. As a college student, being eco-friendly doesn’t need to be a chore. With a few simple lifestyle adjustments, you can live green even while on a college campus. Here are 5 ways for college students to …

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Dec 16

How Smart Home Devices Help You Conserve Energy

Every time the AT&T commercial comes on that shows the man who is able to set his house alarm, turn off his entertainment system as well as his faucets and lights all with the help of one remote control, it shows us just how far that technology has come. Now, due to smart home automation, …

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Jul 10

How to Go Green at Your Office

There are so many ways to go green in your office, that we don’t have enough time to go through them all! Here are some of our favourite approaches, however, to tackling that massive carbon footprint.   Electricity Not only does moderating your energy usage help the environment, but it also cuts down overhead costs …

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May 30

How To Live Green To Protect Yourself And The Planet Earth

There is nothing you can compare with our planet Earth in terms of importance or anything. If you don’t have a couch, you have a home, if not a home then you have a hotel, if not that you have the streets or grounds or even the sea, and if not even that you have …

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Apr 08

6 Steps You Can Take for a Greener Office

green office

With Earth Day fast approaching, 22nd April for those interested, now is the perfect time to start considering the impact your business and office could be having on the environment. Earth Day aims to promote the value of our planet, encouraging people to take steps to protect it. While at times it seems like forces such …

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Mar 22

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

energy efficient home

Ever known that right in your own home, you can save money and conserve energy? It’s actually very easy and you’ll most likely be amazed at how much money you can actually save just by following a few energy saving tips. Some tips given might require a little extra effort while others will require you …

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Mar 13

Buying an Eco-Friendly House

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial and emotional decisions a person will make. A number of considerations come into play when shopping for the right home, including the environmental impacts of your purchase. Eco-friendly houses are growing in popularity, as more people look to the future of more sustainable living by reducing …

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Jan 24

It’s Easy to Go Green in Your Home

An interior remodeling project is a good opportunity to make eco-friendly upgrades around the home and reduce the carbon footprint of both your daily living and the remodeling project itself. And green remodeling can include simple and cost-effective ideas that help lower your home improvement costs and your long-term living expenses too. Try some of …

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