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Apr 23

5 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

You might wonder what good can going through all the trouble of growing your own food do, when it seems so convenient to get it from a supermarket. But only a few generations ago, growing your own food and eating them fresh from gardens or farms was very common. While this was a full-time job …

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Feb 12

3 Deadly Secrets About Chemical Cleaners That You Need to Know

Adverts portray household cleaners as totally safe to use; but the reality is actually more sinister than you would expect. While these chemical cleaners are useful in sanitizing, degreasing, washing, and whitening our surfaces and clothes, they also contain 3 chemicals that are harmful to our water and air because they contribute to smog, reduce …

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Jun 27

Latest News & Information for Eco-Friendly Cars

Are you in the market for a new car? There are many options including an eco-friendly car. These are also known as “green” cars because they use sustainable energy sources like electric, solar, and hydro.  Regardless of which vehicle you pick it’s important to select the right Car Cover to protect your investment.  This is …

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Mar 23

How To Buy A Green Vacuum Cleaner

The typical household has one or more vacuum cleaners to keep the various floors free from the dirt that can build up. For most homes these small electrical products are a necessity but they do come at a cost. This is especially evident for those people who are looking to conserve energy and be better …

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Aug 11

Four Tips for Optimizing Green Fleets

New proposed greenhouse gas emissions standards and fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty engines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be a challenge met by manufacturers. These new proposed ‘Phase Two’ EPA standards are meant to reduce pollution from our transportation industry making trucks more fuel efficient from the inside out. Industry leaders …

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Aug 12

Eco-Friendly Fishing Guide for Less Impact on Environment

We now live in a World where going green is becoming an important and major part of every global business on the planet, including the fishing industry. As the World begins its change to a more environmentally focused outlook, so do the fishing methods we use. From the boats that are being used, the engines …

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Jul 01

Why Working With a Green Auto Recycling Yard Makes All The Difference

The word “recycling” calls to mind little blue bins and green energy, but not all recycling actually helps the environment at all. And if you’ve ever peeked behind the barbed wire curtains of most auto “recycling” yards, then you know there’s nothing green about them. Most Americans don’t have the auto know-how to dispose of …

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Jul 24

Turning a Urban Heat Hotbed into a Green Cooling Haven

There is no better symbol of modernization, success, and advancements than urban cities. Cities are sources of vibrant economies, progressive thinking, and the evolution of a country. Yet, while cities are a hotbed for progression, they are also a literal hotbed of heat – which is the reason why urban cities are notoriously referred to …

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Jun 23

Light Materials For Safer, More Fuel-Efficient Cars

Due to tougher emission and fuel economy standards that are aimed at reducing air pollution, automakers are forced to find new ways for cutting fuel consumption. One of the key factors that affect a vehicle’s fuel economy is weight, given that the more a vehicle weighs, the harder its engine has to work, burning more …

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Mar 20

Benefits of the New EPA Vehicle Emission Standards

On March 3, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it plans to enact a new rule that will impose stricter vehicle emission standards, in an effort to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks. The rule has been dubbed Tier 3, and will go into effect on January, 2017. The EPA hopes that the …

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Feb 26

Infographic: What Happens to a Wrecked Car?

Most people don’t give a second thought to what happens to their wrecked vehicles unless they are sentimental. The truth is that most people give all of their attention to their replacement vehicles. Thankfully, some people are thinking about what happens to those wrecked cars, and the EPA estimates that 80% of wrecked autos are …

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Jan 23

How Science Is Improving Our Impact on the Environment

It is undisputed that technology has contributed to the degradation of the environment. For example, the mining of coal strips the land of natural ecosystems, such as forests. The use of coal and oil for energy and transportation leads to depletion of resources, pollution, and global warming. Inefficient agricultural use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides …

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