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Oct 31

5 Ways Seaweeds are Present in Your Daily Life

Seaweed are important ecological constituents of the oceans. They form the basis of the trophic chain in the oceans, provide shelters for many aquatic animals, filter the oceans waters and release oxygen to the atmosphere. But, what most people don´t know is that seaweeds are often present in our lives too. Here are 5 ways …

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Nov 21

6 Things That Are Harming The Environment And How You Can Help

Many items that are produced in large quantities today are actually harming the environment. This could be because of improper disposal or because of the chemicals in the product. It is important to know about six things that are harming the environment today and how to help stop the damage they are causing. Water Bottles …

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Nov 27

The Real Green of Fake Grass

Artificial turf is the greenest grass around, and we mean that in terms of color and carbon footprint. Synthetic lawns stay green for decades, all the while leaving an eco-friendly imprint on the environment. Water usage, pesticides, and fertilizers are all eco-issues that have people switching to artificial turf. As water levels fall and water …

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Jul 27

5 Ways to Go Green in the Garden

compost garden

Many people think that gardening is eco-friendly simply by its very nature. I mean, how can you go wrong growing fresh herbs and vegetables in your own backyard? But, alas, gardening is not always as environmentally friendly as it is touted to be. Water is wasted, harmful chemicals are used and things that could be …

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