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Mar 13

American Power and Gas Takes Corporate Responsibility to the Next Level

What is the primary focus of most businesses in the start up scene? Of course, there’s the bottom line and the drive to make a profit, but the truly great companies also turn an eye toward social responsibility. American Power and Gas does just that. They strive in many ways to support their communities and …

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Nov 02

8 Ways to Go Green With Your Car

In the modern era, it is not just a fad to go green with your vehicles rather it is a need of the hour. Considering the levels of pollution that are rising remarkably around the surface of earth, we need to ensure that we do our best to reduce it. There are certain things that …

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Dec 30

Sustainable Travel – Try a Solar Powered Travel Trailer

What is it about a travel trailer that makes it attractive to so many people? How else can you soak in the nation’s best sights while enjoying the comforts of home on a budget? Let’s be honest, flying sucks. I mean, it’s not what it used to be. Waiting in long TSA lines, taking your …

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Aug 15

Which is a Better Choice – Electric Boiler or Gas Boiler?

If you are building a new home, you will need to decide what type of boiler you are going to install. The same is true if your existing boiler has broken down, and you need to replace it. The two options that you have available to you are gas boilers and electric boilers in UK. …

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Aug 11

Four Tips for Optimizing Green Fleets

New proposed greenhouse gas emissions standards and fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty engines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be a challenge met by manufacturers. These new proposed ‘Phase Two’ EPA standards are meant to reduce pollution from our transportation industry making trucks more fuel efficient from the inside out. Industry leaders …

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Mar 02

Green Car Care Tips

Now, more so than ever before, families everywhere are striving to green their routines. In efforts to cut down on carbon emission, waste, and overall harmful habits, in order to protect and further preserve out fragile planet.  While recycling materials such as plastic and aluminum are great ways to do this, your efforts don’t need …

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Apr 29

Will Electric Vehicles Help Save the Environment in China?

China’s rapid industrialization over the last couple of decades has made the turned its economy into one of the world’s largest economies, second only to the United States, but it has had numerous negative effects, as well. It has brought about many environmental issues, such as deforestation and climate change, but also affecting the country’s …

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Oct 09

5 Steps to Go Green Without Breaking the Bank

Going green can be an expensive endeavor. Many of the latest energy-efficient appliances require an initial out-of-pocket expense that may not be feasible for everyone in today’s economy. Consider this list your saving grace…literally. You can save money while saving the planet. The following 5 steps will explain how. Saving energy saves money. Developing energy …

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Sep 09

Why Portable Machine Tools are Better for the Environment

In this day and age, the emphasis on any technology or innovative machinery is about the quality of function, efficiency and reduced impact. Any responsible company, no matter what their field, has to take these factors into consideration when carrying out their operations. This should be achieved primarily through the weight of corporate responsibility but …

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Jun 06

Top Tips for a Greener, Happier Life

Green is definitely the ‘on-trend’ way to live at the moment and if you want to live a greener, happier life it could be time to consider some of our top tips. Greener living can lessen the weight on your social conscience and also help reduce your personal impact on the environment. Here are some …

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Apr 30

The Future of Electric and Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

It’s becoming clear that gasoline-powered vehicles are going to become a thing of the past and vehicles are going to be powered by alternative fuels in the future. Apart from vehicles that are powered by electricity, which are already quite popular, there are also vehicles that use hydrogen as a source of energy. Electric vehicles …

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Mar 22

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

energy efficient home

Ever known that right in your own home, you can save money and conserve energy? It’s actually very easy and you’ll most likely be amazed at how much money you can actually save just by following a few energy saving tips. Some tips given might require a little extra effort while others will require you …

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