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Feb 28

How to Keep Your Pooch Happy and Healthy

We all know it’s impossible for a human being to nearly reciprocate all the love our dogs give us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best. One way of showing our four-legged friends we really care is really taking care of them. We should do our best to see to their physical and …

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Sep 06

7 Simple Ways to Eat Green Every Day

The eat green movement has fortunately been gaining ground across the world in the last few years, as more and more people are concerned about how their eating habits are affecting the planet. This sustainable food movement can be seen in the way we talk about food nowadays: organic, GMO, cage free eggs, etc. These …

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Dec 04

Finding Zen in Your Home

Few things relax a person like Zen and meditation. There’s a reason meditation is so popular, and why those who practice it are comfortable and happy with themselves and their lives. But accomplishing a state of Zen tranquility doesn’t have to mean sitting on the floor with your eyes closed for hours on end. Instead, …

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Jun 06

Top Tips for a Greener, Happier Life

Green is definitely the ‘on-trend’ way to live at the moment and if you want to live a greener, happier life it could be time to consider some of our top tips. Greener living can lessen the weight on your social conscience and also help reduce your personal impact on the environment. Here are some …

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