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Oct 04

The 9 Main Reasons to Hire a Skip Bin Service

As far as the aspect of rubbish removal is concerned, you can be sure of the fact that the option of a skip bin would be better suited to you. This may be concerning Brisbane skip bins or any other kinds of skip bins in general. This is most certainly the case, especially if you …

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May 28

Making Oil Recycling Part of Your Green Living

As more citizens are taking the initiative to preserve the earth and change the wasteful ways we live, more ways to go green are being developed. From going paperless to creating a compost pile and even switching to hybrid or electric vehicles, there are obvious ways to preserve our natural resources. If you are one …

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May 09

Reduced Health Concerns by Eco Friendly Industries

Vigorous industrial growth and its consequences in the form of global warming, acid rain and serious land, air and water pollution has severely damaged the environment. Industries using toxic chemicals (solid, liquid or gaseous), non-biodegradable materials (glass, plastics, sand) and practicing untreated effluent discharge are big threat to the environment. ‘Eco friendly’ term was introduced …

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Nov 14

Guest Post: 10 Arrested in EA ‘Operation Durable’ Waste Crackdown

10 people were recently arrested following a series of dawn raids as part of ‘Operation Durable’- the UK’s largest ever hazardous waste operation. 60 EA investigators carried out raids at numerous sites with the co-operation of Avon and Somerset Police. The sites were targeted as part of an on going investigation into the suspected illegal …

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