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Apr 04

Making Money Online Is A Green Way To Go

In the world of online connectivity, many new conveniences have opened before us. This means that social connection, media entertainment and learning more about the world can all be done at the press of a button, and all within the same hour. Think about how your elderly relatives would have had to go about their …

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Feb 20

The Environmental Benefits Of Paperless Marketing

We live in a world that has, unfortunately, been ravaged by the ecological carelessness of generations of people. Pollution has created holes in the O-Zone layer. Deforestation has destroyed many rainforests, leaving scores of animals without their natural habitat, leading to low wildlife populations and extinction. Hydraulic fracturing is poisoning the American water system and …

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Feb 06

Guest Post: Is blogging good or bad for the body?

There is plenty of news regarding the disadvantages of blogging. It is not the act of blogging itself but the habit of bloggers to sit for more than 8 hours in front of their computer without standing or having a decent break. Because of this habit, many of them are prone to diseases that might …

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Feb 04

Monitoring Your Brand’s Green Business Image Online

If you own or work for a company that has an eco-friendly platform, congratulations. This means that you are a part of a business that is conscious about and committed to the needs of the environment. What this also means is that in the media world, you are connected to a network of other companies …

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Oct 30

Are We Being ‘Green’ By Using Broadband?

A commitment to reducing carbon emissions and other forms of pollution means that each of us has to consider the impact our actions have on the environment. With more and more of us spending more and more of our time on the internet via broadband connections, many of have wondered whether our browsing habits are …

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Oct 18

Online Career Advancement, the Greener Way

If you are considering getting an advanced degree or want to take your career to the next level, getting a master’s degree is a logical step. Depending on your work and other life responsibilities, traditional study may not be a convenient option. Traveling to a college or university that is appropriate for your chosen field …

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Sep 05

What Makes a Web Hosting Company Eco Friendly?

The internet is one of the great marvels of our modern time. The whole world is at our fingertips every time we connect. This vast network pervades our lives and connects us. It brings us the news and becomes our library. It can give us front row seats to the opera or put us on …

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Jun 25

Green Website Hosting Companies

Energy conservation has become a major issue recently, and website hosting companies have taken notice with many adopting green practices into their business. Internet users might very well see more sites that have banners illustrating that they’re hosted with renewable energy, many using wind power. Companies might also show tips on how system administrators can …

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May 16

3 Free Online Courses With Green Themes

More and more highly reputable colleges offer free online courses for curious would-be students in all academic disciplines, not the least of which are in topics relevant to green and environmental topics. These online courses will give you a formal education on subjects that most people only have a passing knowledge about, including studies on …

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Mar 06

Guest Post: 5 Great Green Cleaning Resources

We can all benefit from a greener lifestyle. The benefits of healthier living and minimizing our effects on the environment should be enough to entice anyone. The long-term effects of using traditional commercial cleaning products is looking dirtier every day with chemicals unknown to consumers that can cause irritation and respiratory problems, especially when you’ve …

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Feb 29

Internet and Distance Learning- A Beneficial Bond for Mankind

Educational and professional qualification go hand in hand when it comes to securing a job; if you aren’t a qualified individual with degrees in your pocket then your employment prospects are low, similarly an inadequate professional qualification can pose as a major barrier for your career given the fact that the world is undergoing a …

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Dec 13

Starting a Green Blog

So you want to be a blogger. You’ve got a thirst for living green and want to share that with the world. But how do you start? You’ve already selected which blogging platform works best for you, you’ve created a name for your blog, and you’re all set, except… How do you start? Well, here …

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