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Oct 31

Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

If you are planning your wedding day and want to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, there are many options, but making sure your wedding rings are eco-friendly might not be the first thing that springs to mind. With issues around conflict diamonds and unsafe gold mining practices around the world, there are measures …

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Oct 22

Purple Buddha Project: Helping Cambodia by Upcycling Jewelry Artifacts

Cambodia is one of the most bombed countries in the World. The 2014 Fall Collection of the Purple Buddha Project is based on the foundation that we can learn something from the past and use it today to change the future. Upcycling artifacts from around the World from Germany, India, United States, to Cambodia; the …

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Oct 16

Eco Friendly Jewelry for Eco Lovers

Many people now know about growing vegetables in their backyard is a must. And most people also know in the fashion circle to stay away from real fur coming from animals, even some now own fuel efficient cars. Recycling programs are now the norm in almost every part of the planet, as plastics and aerosol …

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Oct 01

Natural Ways to Clean Jewelry

Jewelry is something that even the most stout environmentalist enjoys. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some beautiful things, as long as you take care of them in an environmentally conscious way. After all, you spend so much time finding jewelry that’s locally made, or causes as small of an impact as possible, and you spend …

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Sep 25

Top 5 Ways to Upcycle your Bottle Caps

Do you ever find yourself in the position of having a million bottle caps lying around? Maybe you’ve saved them as mementos of interesting brews you tried, maybe they’ve hidden themselves behind the coffee maker as reminders of your last party, or maybe you’ve kept them with the vague sense that they might be useful …

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Jul 12

What Materials Are Used to Make Eco Friendly Jewelry?

Jewelry is one fashion statement that is completely personal. Some folks look for high-end classics, others are interested more in exotic materials that aren’t often seen in jewelry, yet others look to repurpose old household items. But if you’re interested in environmental sustainability, you’re working off a whole different set of rules. You still want …

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Jan 16

Product Review: Exclusive Goddess Eco Jewelry

exclusive goddess eco jewelry

Recently Exclusive Goddess, a company which strives to be environmentally responsible without compromising fashion, style, design and trend sent me an Andromeda necklace to review. They also sent me a pair of coffee beans and chocho diamond seeds earrings I will also mention below. I usually do the reviews myself, but in this case I …

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