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Jan 22

Recycling Projects for Kids at Home

Using recycled items for art projects is a great way to teach your child how they can be kind to the earth and make something beautiful at the same time! Since they use common materials that you probably already have around the house, they also save money on craft supplies. These fun and creative projects …

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Jun 22

How to Save and Reuse Water, Inside and Outdoors

Practically anyone could benefit from using less water, whether they live in a drought region or not. Fortunately, everyone in your household can make a difference if you get on the same page. These tips make it easy to cut down on your water consumption, from cooking to gardening. 1. Get Everyone on Board The trouble …

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Oct 01

Recycle Ideas For Kids

Recycling is something we should all be striving to do to protect our environment – no matter what age we are. Whilst it’s easy to understand the importance and benefits of recycling as adults, kids sometimes don’t understand why we’re doing it, or what the point of recycling is. That’s why it’s important to keep …

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Jan 28

Kid Safe Green Cleaning

Getting kids involved in cleaning and chores is a great way to help them to become responsible adults. However many cleaning products, even the green ones, have chemicals in them that we do not want our children to be playing with. How can we teach them to clean safely and effectively? Here are three kid …

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Nov 19

How to Teach Your Kids to be More Eco-Conscious

If you live in a big city you may feel disconnected from the nature. However, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the environment and you can still be eco-friendly while living in a big city. General over-consumption in big cities leads to pollution and waste and you can teach your children how to take …

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Aug 27

Product Review: The Green Cycler

I’d heard of kitchen pre-composters before, but I’d never used one. That was before The Green Cycler Team sent me a Green Cycler to try out and review. The concept is one to make pre-composting fun. You use a hand crank to shred food from your kitchen to speed up the process from kitchen to your compost bin. As …

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Aug 20

Kid-Friendly Bean Recipes to Make Meal Times Interesting

Beans are considered to be one of the healthiest Super foods. Its richness in protein, fiber and other antioxidants make it the perfect ingredient for kids’ meals. It is a fact that most kids are picky eaters, but it does not mean that they absolutely refuse anything that does not resemble chicken or cheese. With …

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Aug 19

10 Ways to Go Back to School Green

As kids go back to school you might be in the market for a few new pencils, a notebook or two, or a whole new wardrobe. However there are ways to cut down on your spending and save the environment even at the start of a new school year. Here are some ideas to help …

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Aug 12

Building Fun: New Toys Used from Old Packaging

If you’ve ever had the experience of watching your baby or toddler be way more fascinated with the cardboard box than the toy that came inside it, then making toys out of so-called trash won’t seem too strange an idea. Redesigning recyclable materials into toys can be an art form. In 2012, Gizmag profiled Arvind …

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Aug 01

Turning Kids from Meat Lovers to Green Eaters

Most kids from ages 2 – 5 years old tend to be picky eaters. They often prefer meat and sweets to leafy vegetables and fruits. Even if parents try to hide the fried chicken at the dinner table, children refrain from eating anything they do not like. This problem is common to moms all over …

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Jul 02

Why Every Kid Should Have a Garden

Teaching ecology to kids does not have to be hard. After all, kids are practically born loving nature and wanting to be outside. They love to play in the dirt and make mud pies and catch frogs and examine bugs and do all those dirty little kid things. Even in this era of technology and …

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May 15

It’s Never Too Early to Talk to Your Kids About Saving Energy

Did you know that about 70 percent of the electricity we use comes from power plants burning fossil fuels? The lights we use, the electronics we charge and heating and cooling systems we turn on and off all have an impact and contribute to climate change. That’s why it’s so important to instill energy efficient …

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