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Jun 22

How to Save and Reuse Water, Inside and Outdoors

Practically anyone could benefit from using less water, whether they live in a drought region or not. Fortunately, everyone in your household can make a difference if you get on the same page. These tips make it easy to cut down on your water consumption, from cooking to gardening. 1. Get Everyone on Board The trouble …

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Sep 23

5 Important Points To Consider While Landscaping

Considering to get a complete makeover of your outdoor space? Well, that would be a great idea if carried out right. Landscaping calls for a grasp over art, science and their reciprocity. Any gap between your understanding and design application can wreck it all. In the very first place, you should check whether your outdoor …

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Aug 19

5 Ways The Medical Field Is Going Green

It seems that today there’s no sector that is not going “green” in some aspect or another. Whether it is business, education, housing or even the medical field, the focus is on refocusing all efforts in a green or environmental-friendly initiative of some sort. Although one would tend to think that the medical field is …

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Oct 01

Your Lawn Shouldn’t Just Be Green: Ideas for a Colorful Landscaping Design

No matter how green your lawn is, if it’s not well-designed, you’re never going to enjoy it. While lush, green grass is a part of landscape design, it’s not the only part. Incorporating hardscapes, flower vignettes, and garden plantings strategically around your outdoor area can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Landscape lighting can …

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Jul 09

Becoming Self Sufficient by Building a Vegetable Garden in your Outdoor Space

Tired of paying a premium for veggies that were likely sprayed with a chemical cocktail you couldn’t even begin to pronounce? Then it’s time to get your hands dirty with a backyard garden. Many urban and suburban dwellers are looking to become more self-sufficient by planting, growing and harvesting their own vegetables. With rising food …

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May 30

Eco-Friendly Backyard Design Tips for Your Home

Wherever you go these days, people are talking about the environment. It’s a major issue in politics, science, and at the gas pumps, as the warmer weather brings steadily rising prices per gallon all over the country. Environmental sustainability is now a legitimate aspect of the planning that goes into new corporate and private construction, …

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Oct 25

5 Super Easy Eco Home Improvements

Green Home

You may be laboring under the mistaken impression that making eco-friendly improvements to your home is going to cost you a lot more than other upgrades. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many green improvements will actually save you money, and they’re no more difficult than their polluting and wasteful counterparts. …

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Aug 22

Greening the Landscaping Business

When it comes to landscaping the question of whether a business is able to go green often reflects the efforts companies would like to make in moving in that direction. For example, one factor that can prevent a change to a more eco-friendly ethic might be the fact landscaping is a day job with little …

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Aug 03

Constructing a Home the Eco-Friendly Way

When it comes to creating the home of your dreams, you probably don’t have visions of deforestation, pollution, and waste that generally accompany such building projects. And yet, if you’re trying to embrace an environmentally responsible lifestyle, you need to stop and think about what your construction is going to cost the planet (in both …

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