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Oct 31

5 Sustainable Ways to Manage an Eco-Friendly Garden

It is easy to assume that owning a garden is eco-friendly enough, but not quite! Sure, you are planting shrubs and flowers and reducing the amount of C02 gases in the atmosphere, but how are you doing it? Some chemicals used in planting may be the very antithesis of what you are trying to achieve …

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Sep 16

Make a Great First Impression From the Outside In

Do you see a disconnect between what your company looks like on the outside versus what it’s doing on the inside? Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Corporation is full of the experts who know how to get your enterprise looking in tip-top shape, thanks to the latest sprinkler technology and equipment.   People Really Do Judge a …

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Aug 08

Getting Rid of Weeds – Garden Maintenance For Homeowners

There is nothing worse than weeds that can wreck your garden. They are uninvited guests that rob nutrients from plants. Getting rid of them as soon as they appear will pay off in the long run. And moreover, it is believed that weeding can be a therapeutic activity. Enough has been said about avoiding the …

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Mar 31

Tips on Keeping a Healthy Lawn

One of the best ways to boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home is by keeping your lawn in pristine condition. This will take a bit of work and perseverance, but it will more than pay off in the end. If you are using improper techniques to cut and maintenance your lawn, then you …

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Jan 18

5 Green and Inexpensive Design Ideas for Your Backyard

These days, the environment is at the top of just about everyone’s list of concerns, and for very good reasons. It’s become pretty clear that we haven’t really done the best job when it comes to taking care of our planet. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of awesome technological developments over the course of the …

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Oct 15

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Aftercare

With an endless amount of important pieces of information to remember when laying your turf, it’s easy to forget that the aftercare will be the time in which the settling of your new lawn will really make or break your garden. The turf laying process is a both long and complex task. With topsoil, ground …

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Oct 01

Your Lawn Shouldn’t Just Be Green: Ideas for a Colorful Landscaping Design

No matter how green your lawn is, if it’s not well-designed, you’re never going to enjoy it. While lush, green grass is a part of landscape design, it’s not the only part. Incorporating hardscapes, flower vignettes, and garden plantings strategically around your outdoor area can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Landscape lighting can …

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Jul 13

Artificial Lawns: Let You Go Green All The Way!

Everyone may love the famous expression from the William Wordsworth poem ‘The Rainbow’: ‘The Child Is the Father of Man’. The line suggests that the poet hopes to love the nature as he did when he was a child. But does it holds true today? When everybody in today’s time is bound to create a …

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