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Jan 08

5 Easy Additions to Make Your Home More Sustainable

If you’re like most people, your home is the largest consumer of energy of things you own and your biggest carbon footprint contributor. Making your home more sustainable and efficient will have a far greater impact than many other personal changes you could make. With the dizzying number of devices, upgrades, retrofits, and DIY tutorials …

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Jun 26

A Greener Home is as Easy as Changing a Light Bulb

Image source   When people think about ways they can make their homes greener, they tend to think they need to have a life whereby their roof is made of solar panels, their garden is a wind farm, they have self-sustaining vegetable patch and gutters that recycle their water. Yes, this would be fantastic. It …

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Mar 18

Go Green to Boost Student’s Academic Performance

Many students today are struggling with their day to day lives in school. In result their grades are slowly taking a deep plunge. What they do is double their effort to study. But they also have other matters to do, juggling all of these while studying is taxing. As a student, it is your responsibility …

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Jan 29

How to Make Sure Your Fish Are Eco-Friendly

If you love tropical fish, but aren’t sure about the cost that running the tank, then it’s enough to put you off keeping them altogether. However, with a little research and careful planning, you’ll be able to keep your tropical fish in an eco-friendly way.   Energy Usage As with everything, the bigger it is, …

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May 24

Green Living 101: 5 Tips to Installing Eco-friendly Appliances in the Home

green_doorway-eco-friendly appliances

Being eco-friendly is a concern for a lot of people these days, for many different reasons. Some people feel that it is their turn to help out the environment and make sure that energy is conserved. Others are simply looking for a way to save money. Being eco-friendly is probably one of the best ways …

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