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May 31

5 Tips on How to Be Environmentally Conscious

Saving the world isn’t just for activists and those with unlimited amounts of energy. Even regular, lazy couch potatoes can make a difference by adjusting daily habits and changing wasteful ways. These small contributions to the planet’s wellbeing are important and can add up to make a large difference over time. This infographic by WEARETOP10 …

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May 02

The Benefits of Solar LED Street Lights vs. Electrical Street Lights

Night travel has become much safer and convenient thanks to the presence of the almighty street light – after all, cases of accidents and being lost on the way home can be avoided thanks to their guiding light. Philosophy aside, modern improvements to technology appear to be affecting even the systems helping street lights work. …

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Apr 30

How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle

Remember the days when we had a fixed time to go to bed as a kid? Well, life is not like that anymore for most of us. Although almost everything about our lives has changed, our sleep cycles have probably gone through the biggest change! We neither go early to bed anymore nor do we …

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May 24

How to Make the Exterior Your Home Eco-Friendly

Today, everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of eco-friendly practices in and around the home. Whether they’re looking at renewable energy sources or they’re starting to do more recycling, there are hundreds of ways everyone can do their bit for the environment. However, when it comes to the exterior of your property, there …

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Dec 23

5 Greatest Solar Energy Myths

Solar energy is the renewable, inexhaustible electrical energy that is created by converting sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics cells. And, unlike fossil fuels, which right now are the most popular sources of energy, solar energy doesn’t produce any pollution, while it is being generated, and is sustainable. Despite that, many people still have doubts about …

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Nov 24

Steps for Energy Savings in a Large House

When owning a large home, you must be ready to maintain the home. This means more rooms to clean, more floors to mop, etc. As the owner of a large home it also means larger cost. Not only does the home have a large cost with the mortgage but you also have operational cost. A …

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Nov 05

Go Green With LED Lighting Solutions

More people are realizing the benefits of using energy-efficient products. The need to save energy is becoming more important for homeowners and business owners. Buying light emitting diodes (LEDs) is the ideal solution to green lighting. Consumers must understand the environmental and economic benefits of using these LED light technologies. LED lights are designed to …

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Feb 25

5 Quick Home Modifications to Help You Conserve Energy

Every homeowner wants to cut back on extra, wasteful spending. As energy costs are steadily rising, many individuals are desperately seeking ways to reduce their monthly energy bills while also helping the environment and lowering their carbon footprint. Luckily there are several things any homeowner can do to save energy and cut back on spending. …

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Dec 16

How Smart Home Devices Help You Conserve Energy

Every time the AT&T commercial comes on that shows the man who is able to set his house alarm, turn off his entertainment system as well as his faucets and lights all with the help of one remote control, it shows us just how far that technology has come. Now, due to smart home automation, …

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Apr 10

LED Christmas Lights Can Be Used All Year Round

In the last few years my family have been replacing all of our light bulbs with CFL and LED light bulbs because they are the greener option. Recently I have really seen the benefits of using LED lighting in our home. We have noticed the energy savings from not using incandescent or ordinary tungsten bulbs. LEDs …

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Mar 07

Preventing Breakdowns Essential Vehicle Maintenance

  If you have breakdown coverage on your vehicle, the thought of your car malfunctioning may not bring you much stress. No matter what type of coverage you have, preventing breakdowns in the first place is always the best idea. If you own a vehicle, you should understand proper maintenance practices. Here are five basic …

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Jan 17

Are Fluorescent Lights Finally Fizzling Out?

I’m sure we’ve all heard that eerie sound of an overhead fluorescent tube light buzzing and flickering as it slowly falters and fails. Surely it can only add to the ominous nature of a multi-storey car park at night or an abandoned hospital ward. In the past half a century or so, new light sources …

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