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Apr 02

How Much Does Home Maintenance Truly Cost?

Buying a new home is an exciting endeavor, but many first-time buyers forget to factor in the cost of maintaining their home. Upkeep isn’t cheap, but there are simple ways to budget your money that make maintenance and repairs easier to manage. How much does home maintenance cost? Follow these steps to find out. Keeping …

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May 16

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy

With our planet under tremendous pressure due to a growing population and diminishing resources, we need to play our part and do what we can to relieve the burden. Renewable energy is one of the best ways we can assist. Let’s take a step back; up till now we’ve been relying on coal, gas and …

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Dec 02

Stay Warm and Green: Maximizing Your Home Radiator Efficiency

Staying green during the winter months may seem more difficult than at any other time of the year. Heating is a major source of energy costs, but devising a plan to make your home as efficient as possible means that you’ll stay warm and avoid some huge energy bills while reducing your impact on the environment. If …

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Jul 29

Guest Post: Save Big on Fuel: Try These 5 Tricks Used by Truckers

If you think you spend a lot of money on gas, imagine how much trucking companies and companies with large fleets spend annually. Companies like FedEx and Walmart have been able to reduce their fuel costs and increase efficiencies in the past 5 years. FedEx improved its fuel efficiency by 22 percent, exceeding its initial goal …

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Apr 18

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Tips from the Pros

Clean, well-maintained gutters can enhance the look of your home. Poorly-maintained gutters can turn your lovely exterior into a shoddy-looking mess. Unfortunately, maintaining gutters is one of the least favorite chores of home owners everywhere. Here are tips from the pros that will make cleaning and maintaining your gutters easier for you: 1. Cleaning Schedule …

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Apr 09

9 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Car From Killing Mother Nature

Cars are some of the most absurdly fantastic and complex marvels of modern engineering that the world has ever seen. Think about. First off, they’re able to glide on four rubber circles that somehow perpetually roll downhill, convert dead organic material into fire and then fire into energy, and as a result of this process, …

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Mar 13

6 Ways To Help The Environment While Driving

Do you ‘drive green’? If not, you’re not alone. Millions of motorists are failing to take even simple steps to reduce the environmental impact of their driving with a recent survey from Continental Tyres finding that two in five people admit to being clueless when it comes to ‘eco-driving’. Poor driving can also cost money …

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Sep 25

5 Steps For A Home Water Recycling System

As water bills rise constantly and quality of water dropping at the same time, many people seek for alternatives that would save them money and give them extra water to use. Water recycling systems, also known as greywater, have been around for quite some time but are becoming especially popular these days. Using a greywater …

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Apr 18

Eco-Friendly Driving Habits

Although most drivers like to save money and can be motivated to change their driving habits in order to do so, others want to work to lower their fuel consumption for more altruistic motives. Using less fuel means that fewer poisonous toxins are released into the air surrounding our planet, and fewer people will have …

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