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Jan 16

Top 3 Green Anarchism Ideas to Implement in 21st Century

In this modern world, there is a serious threat from the effects of climate change, more extreme weather is occurring due to our climate changing in ways that we can’t imagine. Soon, we will all have to cut our carbon footprint significantly in order to try and turn the tide on this process. However many …

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Sep 06

7 Simple Ways to Eat Green Every Day

The eat green movement has fortunately been gaining ground across the world in the last few years, as more and more people are concerned about how their eating habits are affecting the planet. This sustainable food movement can be seen in the way we talk about food nowadays: organic, GMO, cage free eggs, etc. These …

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Jan 17

Some Useful Cooking Tips to Cook Your Vegetables While on the GM Diet Plan

The GM Diet has met with unprecedented success and not without reasons.  Losing about 5-7 kgs in a day is unimaginable to most of us. But if you opt for GM diet you can shed that many kilos if not more.  If you are sticking to the diet, you must be particular about how you …

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Aug 25

15 Ways to Go Green and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Going green, reducing your carbon footprint, and maybe even saving a bit of money while we do all of that sounds magical. If you want to lighten your carbon footprint and live a greener and more environmentally conscious lifestyle; this post if for you. We are going to cover 15 actionable ways you can go …

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Aug 01

Turning Kids from Meat Lovers to Green Eaters

Most kids from ages 2 – 5 years old tend to be picky eaters. They often prefer meat and sweets to leafy vegetables and fruits. Even if parents try to hide the fried chicken at the dinner table, children refrain from eating anything they do not like. This problem is common to moms all over …

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Mar 19

Turning Veggie Can Save Environment: Is That So?

“When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity.” —George Bernard Shaw, writer and Nobel laureate (1856–1950) Well, well, well… the only purpose of sharing the quote is to bring your notice to the topic I am to talk about (though …

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Jun 05

Tips for Reading Eco Friendly Food Labels

Going green is a lot like renovating a home. You usually have to take it one room at a time. So, when it comes to making your kitchen more eco-friendly, there are actually a series of things that you can (and probably should) do. Things like using homemade cleaning supplies, avoiding non-stick cookware, serving up …

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Nov 15

Green Up Your Diet

green up your diet with vegetables

There are so many ways to go and stay green the list is endless. I think reason being for this endlessness is that that people are coming up new exciting and cool ideas everyday on how to be greener. Diet is another facet of our lives in which can find ways to be more earth …

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Feb 15

Go Green with Your Diet

farmers market

The patrons of Whole Foods and farmer’s markets argue that locally grown food really does taste better. Whether or not pesticides add (or subtract) flavor to the tomatoes in your salad is still up for debate. However, eating locally grown produce, organic foods, and less meat can do more than give you a skinny frame …

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