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Jul 06

What Can Make Moving and Packing Eco-Friendly?

Packaging makes up 30% of landfill waste. Because of this, going package-free (or zero-waste in general) is one of the best options you can have to reduce your impact in landfill. But this is close to impossible while moving to a new house, so the next greatest alternative is using sustainable materials that are just …

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Jun 20

Green Moving Tips

When we think about moving, we usually think about the stress it will cause and money we will spend to complete it. However, we should also think of how much material is used to complete a move, and how much waste it leaves behind. Even though it may not be the first thing that comes …

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Apr 02

Things You Should Remember When Having Movers Move Your House

No matter how much you have tried to avoid the stress, the day when you had to relocate is finally around the corner and it means lot of physical and mental exhaustion. Like many others, it is likely that you might have hired a moving company in Portland to take care of all your moving …

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Feb 22

Eight Ways Businesses are Going Green

Across the world, businesses are operating in increasingly stringent environmental legislative regimes, while customers are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to business ethics. Accordingly, almost every commercial enterprise these days has an environmental policy and a dedicated manager – or team – in place to implement it. Here, we look at the …

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Jan 15

Green Order Fulfillment Options for Eco Friendly Businesses

Although the retail store will never completely disappear, more and more business is being transacted online with each and every passing year. The writing is truly on the wall. If you want to compete in today’s marketplace you must have a strong e-commerce store that can complete transactions, fill orders and deliver products securely, consistently …

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Jul 09

Advantages of Self Storage and De-Cluttering Your Home

Moving is a tiresome process that involves packing, storing and de-cluttering your home to make it well organized. Several businesses and individuals utilize self-storage facilities for numerous purposes like moving home or office and for selling property. People also utilize services from firms like Self Storage London, which is renowned for its efficient services. Before …

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Jul 25

Green Moving Is Clean Moving

green moving company

We all owe a responsibility to the nature. Relocation is unfriendly towards the environment in many ways. Movers are changing the way they do their business. These days all the communication are done electronically. No brochures and proposal quotes are printed, and eco-friendly plastic moving boxes are made available to the public for packing their …

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