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Apr 16

The Science Behind How Solar Panels Are Saving the Environment

Our modern society has become almost cripplingly dependent on power generated by fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. As we speak, nearly 40 percent of the energy consumption in the United States comes from homes and businesses. However, most of this energy consumption causes massive amounts of pollution to the water and air. Additionally, …

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Apr 12

Eight Easy Ways to Protect Endangered Bird Species

Today many wild species including birds are on the verge of extinction due to changes to their environment, hunting and other human activities that are causing threats to their well-being. Such species are termed as endangered and immediate measures need to be taken to save or restore their habitats. There are various organizations such as …

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Aug 08

6 Ways You Can Help Improve Water Quality

We can all help to keep the quality of our water high if we remember to follow a few simple steps. With it being Water Quality Month this month, we thought we’d look at what we can do to make sure we’re not the ones causing pollution. Take unused medicines back to the pharmacy When …

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Sep 11

Should the United States Emulate China’s Clean Water Program?

Many people in China are starting to develop health problems because of the amount of pollution in the country. Earlier this week, government officials announced that they needed to shut down many schools because children were starting to develop nosebleeds due to air pollution. Pollution has also deterred many tourists from visiting the country. The …

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Jul 17

Infographic: Great Green Places to Stay

This infographic shows 10 great green destinations which lower environmental impact on their communities. Also details on ecotourism around the world. Great green places to stay infographic

Mar 04

Urban Planning Then and Now

Cities have changed drastically since the onset of the industrial age, and the needs of today’s ever-growing population are far different than the ones of depression era workers and baby boomers. New advances present as many obstacles as they do opportunities, and it’s up to modern urban planners to use what is at their disposal …

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Jan 29

How Environmental Problems Can Affect Your Health

These days, the environment is at the top of just about everyone’s list of concerns. It’s fitting, too, because we’ve all become more and more aware of the fact that each of us needs to be making sure that we’re taking care of the planet as much as we possibly can. Over the course of …

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Nov 09

Greener Pastures: Highway Removal as a Catalyst for a Greener Future

In recent years, urban renewal projects have been proposed with more than one goal in mind. Replacement and fortification of decaying infrastructure is one motivation, but an increasing number of projects have a greener purpose. United States highway removal projects now tend to combine removal of redundant or decaying concrete roadways with the creation of …

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Sep 27

How to Evaluate the Air Quality in Your Home

Would you believe that the air in your house is most likely more toxic than the air next to the busiest, smoggiest freeway in town? Believe it. Indoor air pollution is one of the most threatening, yet almost entirely unknown, risks to our health in the world today. There is a reason that even residents …

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Jul 18

A Greener Way of Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

There are many individuals who smoke who are looking to cut back in a way to stop harming themselves even more than they already have done, but never do it for the sake of the environment as well. Cigarettes, weighing around 0.9g, can emit up to 23 mg of toxic chemicals up into the air …

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Jun 27

5 Lessons in Sustainable Living for Kids and Teens

Growing up in the early 1990s, I was among one of the first generations of kids to be fully immersed in the values of being eco-friendly. As the years went on, being eco-friendly actually became somewhat “cool” in some circles, and teens and college kids have been highly influential in demanding action on climate change …

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Jun 21

4 Ways Online Education Can Help the Environment

Online education is a growing trend and continues to make waves in the education system in the United States and across the globe. There are many benefits to taking courses online, such as having control over your own schedule and being able to study from anywhere in the world. However, whether you’re already an online …

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