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May 22

How to Reduce Energy Costs on Your Pool Using Green Technology

There really is no better way to spend the hot summer months than splashing around in your very own backyard pool. There’s no need to pay for a club membership or spend time driving to the nearest community pool. With your own pool, you simply step out of the door and dive in anytime you …

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Oct 14

What You Need to Know About Pool Chemicals & Your Pets

Even though chemicals have been used in pools for many years, they are not always safe for human or pet use. Some chemicals used in pools, like bromine and chlorine and salt, can even cause extreme skin irritation and inflammation along with dry skin, itchy eyes, and even rashes. If this is the way human …

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Nov 14

Things You Are Going To Have To Invest In When You Purchase a Pool

Investing in a pool requires more than just the cost of the installation and upkeep. There are also certain things you will need to purchase when buying a pool. Here are some of the things you will want to make sure you have. Keep in mind that you have to compare all the products that …

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Mar 20

Ways A Pool Pump Timer Can Make Your Pool Green (In a Good Way!)

If you are a pool owner, chances are the one aspect of pool maintenance that you loathe is running the pool pump. Running a pool pump cannot only be expensive, but in large numbers may actually impact the environment. Fortunately, this problem can be circumvented with a pool pump timer. If your pool was recently …

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Oct 17

Guest Post: Dealing With A Suddenly Green Pool – It Doesn’t Have To Take Days

Sometimes no matter how much you clean your pool and run your pool pump, you will find that it suddenly turns green. This can happen in a matter of hours, and especially if it has rained. It only takes for your chlorine levels to drop or you pH levels to be slightly out, and algae …

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