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Feb 23

How To Recycle Water In Your Self-Build

One of the biggest waste products from a house is water and while some of this cannot be used for anything else for obvious reasons, there are a surprising number of ways that your water can be recycled.  Such schemes are already being advertised to supermarkets and other large businesses but how can self-build homes …

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Feb 01

5 Ways to Create an Eco Friendly House

“Green” building has become not just a trend in recent years, but a legal requirement. Of course, large building firms have budgets to cope with such changes in the law, but you can change your home to a greener, more eco friendly house cheaply enough. Here are five cheap ways: Invest in good insulation You …

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Nov 09

10 Housing Designs Taking Sustainability to the Next Level

Repurposed building materials and highly sustainable homes are popping up around the world, with innovative designs becoming a reality. Some might think that sustainable buildings mean compromising on life’s luxuries, but architects and builders are teaming up to show that this simply isn’t true. How? With a little innovation…and a whole lot of imagination. Here …

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Jan 22

How to Make an Eco-Friendly Green Home?

All over the world people are now becoming aware of the dangers they have created, harming the nature. Deforestation, increase in pollution rate and much more, are not merely topics to have debate. People have become more environmentally conscious and interested in adapting habits and methods that help to create a greener lifestyle. Among all …

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Feb 03

Greener Living: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Off-Grid Ready

Living off the grid is one of the greenest ways to live. In a modern world – where being on the grid is often the only to live – going off of it can seem like insanity. However, wouldn’t you want to eliminate your carbon footprint? Wouldn’t you want to get back to basics? When …

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Dec 04

Harvest Your Rain Water

Water is vital for every aspect of life. From drinking to maintaining sanitation, it is one of the most valuable resources to which we have access. It is in abundant supply here on the earth yet utility companies can often charge excessive amounts of money in order to deliver water that’s full of fluoride and …

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Nov 07

The Self-Sustainable Farm

Imagine creating your own microcosm where you are almost entirely self-reliant for food and other necessary supplies, shelter, and even energy. Going “off the grid” and becoming self-reliant with your own small farm-based home is possible.   Costs First, becoming largely self-reliant isn’t cheap. While it may eventually be less expensive than buying all of …

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Nov 05

Extend Your Eco Conscience to the Garden Shed

The growing issue of global warming is something many individuals are looking to reverse through small steps that, collectively, could make a big difference to the atmosphere. If you’re looking to become more eco-friendly, why not extend your plans to your garden? Growing your own fruit and veg and utilising rainwater harvesting systems are just …

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Oct 23

Is it Possible to be Water Independent?

Water independence is something that people come to either because of utility or ideology. Your cozy country cabin might not be near a water line. Some believe that by disconnecting themselves from their water utility line they’re helping the planet by creating a smaller footprint and less waste. But the truth is that water independence, …

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Apr 24

Ideas for a Sustainable Home

Energy efficiency and sustainability is the way of the future, and aside from such important things like investing in renewable energy and choosing a responsible energy retailer, there are many interesting DIY ideas to consider. Some of these ideas are quick and easy, some are quirky and interesting, and some are really out there. Read …

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Sep 11

Go Green with Your Food Storage

If you are interested in food storage but don’t want to accumulate lots of wasteful environmentally unfriendly products then this is a good read for you. The sheer amount of food it takes to sustain just one person for a year is a little staggering if you haven’t seen it in person. The average American …

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Jul 30

How Green Living Can Help To Save the Environment

The earth is our home, and each of us bears responsibility to make sure that our planet Earth will continue to sustain life as our Creator originally designed it to be cared for by everyone. As an individual person, you may not have the ability to prevent global warming of the planet, nor prevent pollution, …

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