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Feb 07

The Sun is Rising on Solar – Solar Across the US and EU

Solar energy is still a largely untapped resource in the United States. While the past decade has seen a massive increase in solar in both the US and across the world, fossil fuel interests still hold an iron grip on much of the energy market. The benefits of solar energy have been downplayed by many …

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Sep 10

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Going Green With Your Window Treatments

Going green seems to be an in thing these days. If you wish to go green at home, your window treatment should be included. Here are some things you should think of when choosing green window treatments.   Air quality. These days, different materials are employed in making various window treatments and shades. Because of …

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Jun 13

Biofuels – The Benefits and Drawbacks

Biofuels have long been seen as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels. With petroleum and diesel in limited supply, and some analysts predicting their depletion by the middle of this century, research and development has been placed in biofuels in order to reduce our dependence on conventional sources of energy. Biofuels are typically synthesised from …

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May 24

How Greenhouses are Helping the Environment

Greenhouses are eco-friendly and sustainable houses which help you reduce energy bills and do your bit for the environment. In fact, the construction of a greenhouse also includes energy efficient building materials and water. Greenhouses produce less waste and use less energy than conventional houses. Sustainable and recycled materials are used for their construction. A …

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Jan 29

Making Our Buildings Green All the Way Through

The most responsible constructors strive to achieve a building that complies with LEED and can be considered as green. The one area that still requires improvement in order to achieve a totally environmentally friendly property is in the power resources used and here we take a look at the concept of green construction and alternative …

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Jan 22

Electricity Buy Back – A Smart Alternative to Go Green!

Going green is easier than ever before and opportunities that help to encourage people to make green energy decisions and save money in the process are proving to be very effective. Electricity buy back programs allow people who use renewable energy for their homes in the forms of solar panels or wind or water turbines …

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Jan 15

California Reaches Renewable Energy Milestone

The environment is pretty high on everybody’s list of concerns these days, and for very good reason. It’s become pretty apparent — in an inescapable way, many would argue — that we’ve not done the best job at keeping the environment in great shape. We’ve certainly come a long way technologically, but apparently we’ve done …

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Nov 05

Top Facts About Renewable Energy

People got used to green technologies’ advancements, which occur probably in every field of modern livelihood. Some of them seem really significant like solar power stations or wind turbines; others appear to be household applications, which testify on human tendency to follow sustainable environment trends. Some of the facts speak of how tremendous and epoch-making …

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Apr 05

UK Waits Another Year for Renewable Energy Incentives to be Introduced

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has revealed that the rollout of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be delayed for a year following the controversy surrounding the current solar power Feed-in Tariff. The RHI scheme would financially reward home owners who opt to generate their own heat or hot water using renewable …

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May 26

Guest Post: The Benefits of Green Living

Contrary to what Kermit the frog says, being green is much easier than it used to be. While, they are not yet as universal as the hybrid car among the ecologically minded, “green” apartment buildings have begun to gain in popularity and some newer buildings are even being designed to meet the new standards for …

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