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Jan 04

Will New Tax Laws Cause More Cars to be Abandoned and Cause Harm to the Environment?

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, both houses of Congress passed new tax legislation. This comprehensive tax reform bill is more than 1,100 pages long, and has been called the biggest change to the American tax code in over 30 years. Depending on your political leanings and personal finances, you may or may not be happy …

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Aug 07

How to Reuse Rusty Tools

When exposed to any level of moisture (even humidity in the air) metal tools tend to rust and subsequently lose functionality. Using one of the following rust removal methods will let you restore and reuse rusty tools: Penetrating Lubricant or Rust Remover + Scrub Pad For slightly rusted tools, spray the affected area with a …

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Jul 02

Reuse and Recycle Salvaged Building Materials

old barn

I recently helped a friend take down an old barn similar to the one in the photo above. His goal while taking the barn down was to salvage, reuse and recycle as much of the building materials as possible. His plan was to recycle the metal from the roof and to reuse the wood. He …

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