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Apr 23

Types of Eco-Friendly Security Locks

In the past few years, alarmed by the global climate changes, more and more companies have started to develop environmentally-friendly products. You might not expect security locks to fall in this category but, thanks to reliable manufacturers and locksmith providers, you can now use such products without having to worry about the damage done to …

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Jan 31

The High-Tech Roof

Over the past few decades the world has revolutionised and progressed in a way that it never did. Technology has transformed everything. It has changed the way people live and communicate. Everything now is connected to internet and all things are on electricity. The world is changing very rapidly and one should change along with …

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Nov 13

Greening Business Security In Five Easy Steps

If there is one thing a business must have today, it’s a top of the line security system. Online hackers mean customer and company data is at risk. Sadly, a single breach can be enough to erode trust in the brand and bring a firm to its knees. So, investing in high-quality security features is …

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May 29

Top 5 Advantages of Using Solar Powered Lights

Let’s face it, technology hasn’t slowed down, not even the slightest and Solar Energy is no exception. However, trying to keep up with all the latest advancements in green energy technology is nearly impossible. With the ever increasing popularity of environmental friendly gadgets, the supply must meet the demand and this means products are being …

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Nov 07

Your Green Home: Five Tips for Saving Money and Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

Homes today can have large carbon footprints that affect the environment and reduce air quality in neighborhoods. Shrinking the size of this footprint means lowering energy use and consuming fewer resources. Implementing these five tips will help to decrease the footprint of a home and save money every month. Replace Old Insulation Insulation reduces energy …

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Nov 05

Reinforcing your Front Door for Security Can Save You a Lot of Headache

Most home intruders enter the premises through the front door – and often, it is too easy for them to do so. You must make it a point to secure your home against intruders by making your front entry door stronger and more resistant. Locks must be hard to pick and almost impossible to open, …

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Oct 18

Eco Friendly Security Measures for Your Home

Although our busy highways and gas guzzling SUVs receive most of the animosity from environmentalists, the fact of the matter remains it is our homes, not our cars that are the biggest culprit when it comes to energy consumption. After all, those gas costs you complain about at the pumps are similarly elevated when it …

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Aug 07

How Home Automation Will Save the Planet

Home security systems have come a long way in the past 20 years or so. These changes have been so dramatic that we’ve stopped thinking about them solely in terms of home security and started to think about home management or home automation systems. While it will take some time for smart homes to proliferate, …

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Jul 05

Three Home Automation Technologies that Save Energy and Money

Today’s home security systems do more than just monitor your windows and doors for entry. In fact, “home security system” is increasingly becoming a misnomer. Today’s systems offer all sorts of capabilities, and are evolving into home management systems that happen to have security features. More and more, these systems are connecting to your home’s …

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