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Sep 06

7 Simple Ways to Eat Green Every Day

The eat green movement has fortunately been gaining ground across the world in the last few years, as more and more people are concerned about how their eating habits are affecting the planet. This sustainable food movement can be seen in the way we talk about food nowadays: organic, GMO, cage free eggs, etc. These …

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Oct 15

Going Green with the Electronics at Home

These days’ electronics are used as toys and tools to play, communicate and work. With new generations, by getting smaller in size they are becoming the bigger part of our lives thus going green is no more an option but a necessity in order to preserve our environment. It might be giving you a flashback …

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Jun 26

Going Local Does a Budget Good

I can’t tell you how many people I overhear complaining at the lines of Whole Foods and farmers markets whenever I go grocery shopping. Hoards of people crowd organic produce meccas to select from the most fresh, delicious, and sustainable food on the market, but vehemently complain while doing so. In fact, whenever farmers markets …

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