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Mar 22

10 Tips for Budget-Friendly Organic Shopping

With the changing trends and increasing awareness, the demand for organic produce is increasing. Owing to the health benefits of whole foods many people want to eat natural but face constraints due to their budget. Of course, there is no doubt about the fact that people who eat organic products are much healthier than those …

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Mar 16

Family Eco-Friendly Tips

Respecting the environment is key in today’s world. There are many simple things you and your family can do that will make a big difference. Start by being a role model. In their own day-to-day activities, encourage kids to find ways to limit waste,  Then it will be easy to get your family on board. …

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Feb 21

3 Ways to Go Green When Furniture Shopping

Saving the planet does not always mean performing heroic acts. Sometimes it means taking small steps towards doing things that favor the survival of the planet. Going green may seem daunting and complex. It should not. It should be as easy as doing what you know is right. Switching off a light as you leave …

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Nov 19

How to Teach Your Kids to be More Eco-Conscious

If you live in a big city you may feel disconnected from the nature. However, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the environment and you can still be eco-friendly while living in a big city. General over-consumption in big cities leads to pollution and waste and you can teach your children how to take …

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Aug 29

Sustainability in the City: Living an Urban Green Lifestyle

For millions of Americans, there’s no place they’d rather live than in a bustling city. Yet as people throughout the nation have become more environmentally conscious, challenges have arisen as to how urban folks can live in an eco-friendly way. Many cities have adopted new approaches to promoting green lifestyles, yet many people are concerned …

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Jun 12

7 Tips to Cooking Green

When summer comes around I always think of hot days and outdoor grilling. However I think we do not stay as green as we would like when we cook. Cooking and preparing food can take up a big chunk of our garbage and electricity bill. Here are a few ways to cook and stay green …

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Mar 14

Things to Check when Shopping for Green Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture are fast becoming a common site in many homes and offices today. From recycled upholstery covers on our everyday dining chairs to matching tables made of used wood or PVC, the possibilities turning your living space into a model of green living is limitless. Increasing demands for green furniture has left the market …

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Oct 03

Amazon’s New Eco Friendly Shopping Site

Environmentalism has never been more popular, and for those who concern themselves with the future of our planet and of humanity, this could not possibly be a better thing. Interest in preserving the environment and tailoring our lives to be more sustainable has spread from the efforts of the individual to the campaigns and product …

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Sep 18

Green Shopping Tips and Tricks

One of the main reasons why “going green” is such a good idea is because it teaches us to be more responsible with our resources. So, wouldn’t it make perfect sense that we should learn how to not just recycle and conserve energy, but also do all that we can to make wise decisions when …

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Aug 23

5 Steps to Greener Produce Shopping

With so many choices of where and what to buy, shopping for produce is the one of the best ways that we can incorporate green choices into our everyday lives. By following these five easy steps, your produce shopping routine will be green in no time! 1. Green Your List Before you even leave your …

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Mar 27

How to Reduce the Amount of Landfill You Produce

There is only so much waste we can throw into landfill. Even now we’re starting to run out of room – and yet there are plenty of things we can do to make sure we are able to reduce the amount of rubbish we generate. If you’re anything like me, this is something that you …

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Nov 14

Guest Post: 7 Things You Should Reuse or Recycle

The way we live these days is making it difficult for the environment to be healthy and in the longer term it’s going to impact our ability to survive. We have become strange creatures, who buy more than we need, don’t even get the full use out of our products, and then throw them away …

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