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Jan 29

How Bad Sleeping Habits Affect Your Workouts

The best way to get that awesome curvy figure to be proud of is by eating right and hitting the gym. Exercise is key to shaping that body and getting you the muscles and figure you want just in time for bikini season, ladies! But when working out, have you ever felt tired or groggy, …

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Dec 02

Could Your Sleep Pattern Be Making You Sick? How to Adjust Your Sleep Cycle

  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1 out of every 3 adults doesn’t get the clinically recommended amount of sleep necessary to remain in top health. You’re not alone if you don’t feel that you have the best quality of health that you could hope for, but even if you …

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Nov 16

Telltale Signs You Drink Too Much Coffee

Are you finding your health suffering due to your excessive consumption of coffee? If so, you may need to start limiting yourself or avoid the drink altogether. To help you figure out whether or not you drink too much coffee, below are a few common signs that your excessive habit is becoming a serious hazard …

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Sep 26

Improve Your Sleep By Turning Your Bedroom Green

Whether you realize it or not, you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. In fact, research shows that the average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping or at least trying to sleep (1). If you’re having problems with insomnia, your sleep space could be to blame. Turning your bedroom green can …

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Sep 21

5 Habits That Will Help You Stay Healthy At Uni

Whether you are a freshman or have been enrolled at Uni for a longer period of time, studies can be overwhelming for everyone. Here comes the burden of meeting new people, as well as the myriad of academic obligations. The schedule of a student is often hectic, and can wreak real havoc on the sleep …

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Jul 11

10 Ways to Keep Yourself Smiling Brightly Today

There are countless benefits and opportunities open to people who have and maintain a stunning smile such as making a great first impression, increased confidence, better hygiene, more youthful look and broader job prospects. If these benefits and opportunities are some of what you are looking to add to your life experiences, then read on …

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Mar 21

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been in practice over millennia. Nowadays, there’s no need to go to luxury spas or upscale health clubs, you can easily have your body massaged at home using the rechargeable massagers hand held – a wonderful device that makes you a self-taught massage therapist to relieve pains by yourself. Practicing massage therapy …

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Nov 04

How to Stop Snoring Without CPAP

Snoring occurs at times for nearly everyone, it is only when snoring occurs regularly and even multiple times in a night that it becomes a potential signal for something much more serious. Snoring is a symptom of some very legitimate and possibly life threatening medical conditions. There is a relationship between snoring and common health …

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Oct 27

10 Tips for a Healthy, Planet-Friendly Back-to-School

When the holidays are over both children and their parents face with several troubles. The reason is that the whole family must change their lifestyle. It is easier for adults because they have only a short vacation at summer, but children totally get out of the habits they had during the studying. They must make …

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Sep 10

Tips On How To Properly Use A Pregnancy Pillow

When you found out that you are pregnant, undefined happiness followed. However, there are some days when the delight of expecting a baby is overshadowed by challenges and difficulties, most especially during the stage where body pains become evident. The growing belly makes it more difficult for you to move, sleep, and do things. This …

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Apr 03

Don’t Be a Statistic: How to Survive the Flu Epidemic

According to the Centers for Disease Control, flu activity remains high across most of the country. In fact, at least 25 percent of the populations of every state has reported being positive for influenza. This means that it’s more important than ever to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. If you want to avoid …

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Dec 04

Memory foam, the ultimate sleep luxury

By choosing memory foam you are ensuring yourself of a luxurious night sleep. If you didn’t already know, the material that our memory foam products are made from was created by scientists at NASA, therefore you can be assured they are the most high tech product on the market. You can tell the difference between …

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