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Jun 27

Latest News & Information for Eco-Friendly Cars

Are you in the market for a new car? There are many options including an eco-friendly car. These are also known as “green” cars because they use sustainable energy sources like electric, solar, and hydro.  Regardless of which vehicle you pick it’s important to select the right Car Cover to protect your investment.  This is …

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Jul 23

Making Batteries, Not Cars, Will Be Tesla’s Priority in the Future

Ever since it was founded back in 2003, Tesla Motors has been regarded as a car manufacturer first and foremost, despite the fact that the company itself has been stating that its primary goal is to supply other car makers with highly-efficient EV batteries, in an effort to accelerate the adoption of green vehicles, and …

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Apr 29

Will Electric Vehicles Help Save the Environment in China?

China’s rapid industrialization over the last couple of decades has made the turned its economy into one of the world’s largest economies, second only to the United States, but it has had numerous negative effects, as well. It has brought about many environmental issues, such as deforestation and climate change, but also affecting the country’s …

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Feb 24

Tesla: Current Success and Future Strategies

Tesla Motors have been working on several ideas for reducing charging times for their vehicles for a while now. That’s why Tesla has introduced its Supercharging stations, which allow Model S owners to charge their cars’ batteries halfway in just 30 minutes. But, this is still far from perfect, and waiting 30 minutes to recharge …

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Oct 23

Can a Car Have Guts AND Be Green?

When most people imagine a green car, the last image they usually perceive from such vehicles is that of performance. The image of the diminutive machine barely capable of getting out of its own way, once personified by hybrid and electric cars like GM’s EV-1 and the Toyota Prius, has fallen by the wayside in …

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May 17

Will the Prius be Replaced Soon?

From the outside, it looks like sales of the Toyota Prius have never been better. According to WardAuto, they surpassed their 2012 sales goal by 16,000 units, and the rising gas prices since 2011 have cause many buyers to take the plunge and go hybrid. But not everything is smooth sailing for the Prius. An …

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Apr 30

The Future of Electric and Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

It’s becoming clear that gasoline-powered vehicles are going to become a thing of the past and vehicles are going to be powered by alternative fuels in the future. Apart from vehicles that are powered by electricity, which are already quite popular, there are also vehicles that use hydrogen as a source of energy. Electric vehicles …

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