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Oct 11

Deals for the Green Savvy Motorist

A greener driver is a more considerate driver. It is someone who looks after their emissions, monitors which pollutants the car produces and cares how badly it is harming the environment. The emissions include NO2  (nitrous oxide) and various hydrocarbons which have created lung problems in our big cities. It is also has an effect …

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Sep 21

Maintain Your Car For Greener Driving

If you fail to keep your car in top condition through regular maintenance, then you’ll be driving a car that unnecessarily pollutes the air. If you develop a problem with burning oil, then it creates excessive smoke. When the engine of your car is not in good condition, it burns more gas per mile which …

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Nov 11

How to Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

The environment needs your help, and you can start with your car. At the moment, most cars in the United States are creating one-fifth of all the emissions that are contributing to global warming. The average car is producing around 24 pounds of these harmful emissions that are leading to all sorts of issues form …

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Apr 05

Airless Tires: Manufacturers Take a Step Towards Sustainability

With climate change quickly become an inevitable reality, governments, industries and investors are become more and more concerned with the environmental impact of their actions – and they well should be. Increased carbon emissions are harming the environment at an alarming pace, and contributing to this is the auto industry, historically notorious for its enormous …

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Mar 15

Forget Your Footprint, Think About Your Eco-Tire Track

It doesn’t matter how much energy you put into saving the environment in your personal life. You can fix solar panels to the roof of your home and only buy LED light bulbs to save on power. You can get a whole bunch of electronic gizmos for your house that are energy friendly. You can …

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Jan 27

Save Money, Don’t Drive

A lot of people rely on vehicles to get them from A to B but for those people that want to save themselves some extra cash each month and do not have far to travel to work every day, we recommend an alternative. Owning a car in itself is expensive, with insurance, tax, petrol and …

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Nov 21

6 Things That Are Harming The Environment And How You Can Help

Many items that are produced in large quantities today are actually harming the environment. This could be because of improper disposal or because of the chemicals in the product. It is important to know about six things that are harming the environment today and how to help stop the damage they are causing. Water Bottles …

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Mar 07

Preventing Breakdowns Essential Vehicle Maintenance

  If you have breakdown coverage on your vehicle, the thought of your car malfunctioning may not bring you much stress. No matter what type of coverage you have, preventing breakdowns in the first place is always the best idea. If you own a vehicle, you should understand proper maintenance practices. Here are five basic …

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Sep 20

9 Easy Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

Have gas prices got you down? It’s pretty easy to get sticker shock filling up your tank today, particularly if you drive a vehicle with a sizeable gas tank. There’s no reason to let those prices ruin your day, though. You’ll find some surprisingly simple ways to increase gas mileage and help make each dollar …

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Aug 08

The Benefits of Recycling Old Car Tires

There are thousands of innovative ways to lead a more sustainable life. You can shop for local food and products and you can reduce your carbon footprint by biking and walking. As a general rule for green living, always keep in mind the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. The EPA estimates that over 90% …

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Jun 18

Ways to Preserve Your Fuel Consumption

Amid the battle of increasing motoring costs, drivers are being forced to be increasingly savvy behind the wheel to ensure their fuel goes further. With the cost of petrol and diesel on the rise it is important to be pro-active and look for alternative measures to keep more money in your back pocket. Here are …

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May 23

Improving Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

VAT increases, fuel duty rises, increases in the wholesale cost of energy and now threats of industrial action by fuel tanker drivers – it can sometimes seem that Britain’s motorists are coming under attack from every possible angle. Anyone who drives won’t have been able to avoid noticing that the price of fuel has continued …

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