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May 29

8 Tools To Be Used In Gardening

The gardening is the hobby of plenty of people and in order to work to expert level, the people are required to use few tools. These tools make the gardening and planting process easy and also necessary for hygiene. Spade The spade is a shovel with the short handle used for digging the small holes …

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Sep 09

Why Portable Machine Tools are Better for the Environment

In this day and age, the emphasis on any technology or innovative machinery is about the quality of function, efficiency and reduced impact. Any responsible company, no matter what their field, has to take these factors into consideration when carrying out their operations. This should be achieved primarily through the weight of corporate responsibility but …

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Mar 11

7 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tools that Will Save Energy, Eliminate Clutter and Get the Job Done More Efficiently

The kitchen uses a large portion of your total energy consumption with things like dishwashers, ovens and microwaves, and especially appliances that are always on like refrigerators. One of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption in the kitchen is to trade in older appliances for new energy-efficient ones. When buying a new appliance, …

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Aug 07

How to Reuse Rusty Tools

When exposed to any level of moisture (even humidity in the air) metal tools tend to rust and subsequently lose functionality. Using one of the following rust removal methods will let you restore and reuse rusty tools: Penetrating Lubricant or Rust Remover + Scrub Pad For slightly rusted tools, spray the affected area with a …

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