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Sep 06

9 Ways to Go Green While Traveling

Sometimes, when people hear the term “green traveling,” they think of hiking through the Amazon or pitching your tent under the Norwegian stars–all in an eco-friendly way. While these eco-adventures are great options, there are many different (and more comfortable) ways to go green while traveling. Traveling just means going from Point A to Point …

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Mar 13

Green Tourism-Sportsfishing New Zealand

Green and eco-minded tourists have been flooding New Zealand in recent years, and there’s no doubt the country boasts the stunning landscapes these tourists crave. But one of the country’s best attractions is found below the surface of its lakes, rivers, oceans and streams: a teeming and vibrant ecosystem of fish just waiting to be …

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Mar 13

Why You Should Visit Vancouver to Spend Holidays?

Named best city of the Americas, a top 100 world destination, world’s most livable city and ranked among the top 10 family destinations in Canada, Vancouver has won pretty much every award in the travel world. After all where else can you experience a mixture of great food, natural beauty and vibrant culture sandwiched between …

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Nov 29

Traveling Greener

car plug in - traveling greener

Responsible travel is about giving back to the environment and the local people while supporting a new way of traveling, with eco-friendly and ‘green’ tourism initiatives. Minimize your carbon footprint, while still enjoying all the joys and benefits of travel, now in a more conscientious way. Green travel also happens to be a lot cheaper …

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Oct 30

Basics of Eco Travel: Guide for Beginners

These days, the wise traveler is the ‘green’ traveler. By making environmentally conscious decisions about the way we travel, the places we visit and the behavior we display whilst on vacation, we can make a positive impact and help protect the planet. Here are some simple tips for travelers who want to see the world …

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May 25

The Travel Industry is Jam-Packed with Sustainable Surprises

With spring break still fresh on folks’ minds, and summer on the horizon, people are starting to plan fun family vacations and road trips with friends. The travel industry is ready to greet them with exciting ways to travel and places to visit, with a growing emphasis on sustainable tourism practices and destinations. If you …

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