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May 04

5 Top Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for your Spring Clean

While chemical-based cleaning products seem to be the go-to option for a lot of homeowners, they certainly have their drawbacks. Not only are some chemicals extremely pricey, but they trigger common health issues, and their use can cause damage to our environment. If you’re planning on spring-cleaning your home this season, the good news is …

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Jan 31

Key Tips On Removing Stains Around Your Drains

You were taking a shower when you noticed that your drain is nowhere near clean. It’s messy all over, and the original shine that it once had is long gone. You’ve been lazily scrubbing the stains around your drains with your feet, but to no avail. The stains didn’t come off at all. Since you’re …

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Oct 24

How to Remove Stains Without Using Chemicals

When you make a stain on the carpet or any clothes for that matter, the first thing you might probably be thinking is how to clean it properly. But did you know that you can also recycle it? The good thing about this is that either way the result is still economical. For removing stains, …

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Jun 12

Key Tips On How To Clean Your Car In An Environmentally Way

You may not realize it, but washing your car can be especially damaging to the environment. This is partially because running water from your hose during the duration of your car wash uses a ton of water, and partially because the water washes toxins that have accumulated on the surface of your car away and …

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Aug 31

How to Make Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies At Home

Moving to a new home requires a lot of cleaning, both in your old home and your new one. But before you start buying huge supplies of commercial detergents and cleaning agents, pause for a moment and think how you can save money – and the planet – by making your own cleaners at home. …

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Aug 08

Getting Rid of Weeds – Garden Maintenance For Homeowners

There is nothing worse than weeds that can wreck your garden. They are uninvited guests that rob nutrients from plants. Getting rid of them as soon as they appear will pay off in the long run. And moreover, it is believed that weeding can be a therapeutic activity. Enough has been said about avoiding the …

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Jun 17

Infographic: 9 Green Air Freshener Ideas

This infographic details great ideas on how to freshen up the air around you in an eco-friendly way. We’ll get into coffee, lemons, candles, essential oils and even vodka.     9 Green Air Freshener Ideas [Infographic] by the team at Chadwicks

Nov 21

10 Green Ways to Clean With Vinegar

Green cleaning does not have to be expensive to be effective. In fact, some items you already have around your home can be great green cleaners. One of those items is vinegar. Simple white vinegar works in many ways to help keep your home smelling and looking great. Here are some simple tips to clean …

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Oct 23

Eco Cleaning within the Household

Although many believe eco-friendly tips and methods to be the future, current and in trend, truth be told they have been around for centuries with many of our ancestors using tried and tested green techniques to clean the filthiest of surfaces. In recent times we have seen a rise in the number of toxic, polluting …

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Aug 08

Eco Friendly Driveway Maintenance

If you’re like most people, when you think of ways to go green, the very last thing that comes to mind is asphalt driveway maintenance. But hear me out on this one – there are lots of things you can do to make this not-very-green part of your home be less of a burden on …

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Jun 11

Green Recipes to Make Your Own Housecleaning Solutions

Your home should be a safe, comfortable place, but most modern cleaning solutions are loaded with polluting and toxic substances, including harsh cleansing agents like ammonia, bleach and acids and artificial fragrances and colors. These chemicals emit toxic fumes and gasses that can irritate lungs and eyes. Some products also contain antibacterial agents that can …

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May 23

How to Reduce Excessive Underarms Sweating Through Organic Products?

Underarm sweating, with two wet circles forming on your clothes, is truly embarrassing. It is obviously shown in dark-colored clothes looking stained, and this becomes a problem in business and social interactions for both men and women. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how you can reduce excessive underarm sweating. But first, …

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