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Sep 01

How Virtual Data Rooms Help the Environment

Any type of data room is any type of secure location where various types of important, and most often private, documents are kept. A traditional room is a physical location where hard copies of documents relevant to a corporation are kept. These rooms are usually monitored continuously to ensure the safety and securement of each …

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Jan 10

Why Virtual Offices Are the Ultimate Green Business Solution

There’s a lot of talk about virtual offices as a green business solution today. Environmental consciousness is a major issue in the world today, as more and more people are striving to go green in their daily lives. The reckless consumption and pollution of past generations cannot continue any longer, and businesses are getting on …

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Sep 27

Love the Earth With a Virtual Filing Cabinet

When it comes to going green, there are a lot of ways to make a difference. Car-pooling, CFL light bulbs, eating locally sourced foods – all of these are great alternatives for improving your environmental impact. But there’s another noteworthy, yet often overlooked, method for loving the earth: virtual filing cabinets. For decades, we’ve heard …

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