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Feb 28

Go Green – Eco-Friendly Things to Create Eco Friendly Nursery for Baby

Assumption a greener lifestyle and creating an eco-pleasant nursery provides your little one the present of humanizing her quality of life & health. It moreover benefits us all to maintain each part growing and protect biodiversity near and far. Your kid will thank later when she discovers it really is a small world after all. …

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Jan 06

How Using a Wood Stove to Heat Your Home Can Save You Money and the Environment Harm

Heating your home is something that is essential for everyday living and has become a routine and taken for granted part of living in the comfort of the modern world. However, after many years of living with the convenience albeit increasing expense of a gas fire, I heard about wood burning alternatives, that are not …

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Sep 09

6 DIY Composting Bins

There are many advantages that come with composting. Not only does it serve as an excellent fertilizer for your garden and lawn, it also benefits the environment by decreasing the amount of garbage bags that you send to the landfill. Compost is often referred to as “black gold”, because it revives and enhances plants when …

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Nov 21

Why Reclaimed Wood Flooring Saves More Than Just Money

Wooden flooring instantly adds character and a warm richness to a room but laying down a new solid wood floor can be an expensive investment. Reclaiming the wooden floors, frames and beams from old buildings and upcycling the wood has very popular as the concerns over deforestation and sustainable wood resources continue to rise. If …

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Oct 28

Three Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

If you’re environmentally conscious, one of the issues that is likely to be pressing on your mind is deforestation. When you know that over 36 football fields-worth of forest are destroyed every single minute, it’s difficult to imagine how anybody could support such action. Yet despite this, wood is one of the best materials to …

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Jan 20

The Environmental Benefits of Wooden Fittings in the Home

Whilst certain materials flit in and out of fashion over the years, there are certain furnishing types that are timeless such as wooden fittings. Wooden installations can complement both traditional style properties and even the most modern looking builds alike with its stylish simplicity and almost regal elegance. Furthermore, there are significant environmental benefits attached …

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Nov 12

Where Wood Really Comes From

  Wood is one of the most ubiquitous building materials in the world. We all know that wood comes from trees, but aside from that bit of obvious knowledge, do you actually know where the wood that makes up your home comes from? Recent years have seen a flurry of attention and outrage around the …

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Sep 16

What is a Living Fence?

When most people think of fences, they imagine a structure made from chainlink, wooden planks or some other material. That’s all well and good and they do add at least some privacy to a yard, but some people don’t like the idea of a “hardscape” barrier surrounding their property. Many people who have fences have …

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Sep 05

Quick, Easy (and Even Eco-Friendly) Deck-Building Options

A deck can be a great addition to any home. It gives homeowners and visitors a way to sit outdoors comfortably, and it adds value and visual appeal to a home. They can be surprisingly easy to build and install as well. Although there are some very elaborate decks that look like they required days …

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May 17

Balanced Flue Gas Fires – Safe, beautiful fireplaces for any home

Barbas offers a range of beautifully designed fireplaces that combine the strengths of aesthetic design and functionality to give you a warmer home environment. Both Barbas gas fires and wood fires are available built-in or as inserts and the Dutch company also manufacture stoves to make the kitchen the heart and soul of the home. …

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Apr 24

Green Weddings: The Latest Trend Taking Over Modern Weddings

green weddings

Green weddings are all the rage these days. The blissful day is not just an opportunity to show you love for your partner but for the Mother Nature too. Why not lend Mother Nature a helping hand in saving the environment by planning an eco-friendly wedding in London. An earth-friendly wedding won’t cost you the …

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Apr 17

8 Eco Friendly Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Making a dedication to living a greener life is an admirable thing to do. When you want to upgrade your living space though, it can be difficult to know where to start. Before rushing out and replacing everything at your local home store, we have a few suggestions for you. Here are eight ways to …

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