Energy Saving Tips: Save Money and Get Eco-Friendly

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Many of us are now doing more for the environment, as we learn about the simple ways to save money and energy. If you are ready to make better choices for both your bank balance and your planet, check out these great money-saving and energy saving tips.

Turn Everything Off

A lot of people in the UK leave things plugged in overnight, but this is a habit you need to break free from. Having the TV or your mobile plugged into the wall overnight is pointless. Instead, put your mobile to charge before bed and then leave it on airplane mode overnight so your battery won’t die. Did you know you are causing more damage to your mobile’s battery by charging it needlessly every night? 

Switch Energy Suppliers

Switching energy suppliers and changing to a dual fuel tariff could save you money and can help you to find a greener energy supplier. A simple change in tariffs could save hundreds of pounds. If you want to compare gas and electric suppliers, visit In just a few minutes, you can compare the UK’s leading suppliers, including many that now offer greener and cheaper energy tariffs. Why spend more for the same product?

Wash Cold and Fill Up

Most detergents are made well enough that your clothes can be washed in cold water and still come out clean as a whistle. Hot water doesn’t need to be the only way to kill germs and if your detergent can work just as well cleaning on a colder cycle, you are wasting energy by still using the hot cycle. The colder you wash, the more you will save on bills and the better it will be for the environment. Fill your washing machine up enough too, as many of us are guilty of washing with only a quarter of the drum space being used. Great energy saving tip!

Get a Drying Rack

Dryers are one of the most expensive household items to run, and if you find you are using yours too much, now is the time to invest in a drying rack. There are some items that may dry best in a dryer such as thick towels or bedding, but even these can be dried outside and then spun on a quick setting before putting them away. Put the rack near your radiators in the wintertime. If it’s a sunny day, put your drying rack outside if you can, or by a window letting in the warm sun. This will dry your clothes effectively, with no cost to you or the environment. 

Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can control your energy needs much more easily. Try putting the heating on a timer just before you come back from work so the house will be adequately heated and will turn off before you go to bed, leaving you warm overnight. You can also choose to turn your heating down a tad lower as even decreasing the heat by a few degrees can save you money and help the planet. Plus, you won’t even notice the difference. 

Becoming eco-friendly does not mean you will spend more. In fact, using these energy-saving tips could save you a fortune on your energy bills.

Name and describe 3 energy saving tips that you could execute

As for me, simple yet impactful actions catch my attention. I will reduce usage of my heater, shower cold whenever possible and switch off lights when not in used.

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