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7 of the Most Eco-friendly Golf Courses in the World

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Over the course of time, planet Earth has been through very treacherous climatic changes. From global warming to heatwaves and hurricanes to ozone depletion, humans have damaged the natural cycle of planet Earth. Apart from their effect on the climate, these changes have endangered wildlife and other natural habitats on Earth. 

Some humans continue to live without realizing the consequences of these damages while some have taken major steps to battle the factors that are causing this. Golf courses are among some of the few that have taken serious steps for this global crisis by altering their regime in ways that are sustainable. Golf courses have taken steps to reduce carbon emissions, use of plastics, and most importantly for the preservation of wildlife. Below are some of the most eco-friendly golf courses in the world. 

Al Hamra Golf Club, Ras Al Khaimah

Situated on the northern side of the United Arab Emirates, Al Hamra golf club is a Par 72 Championship golf course visited by people from all over the world. Famous for its combination with water from the Arabian Gulf, this is one of the first golf courses in the world to have banned the use of plastic inside the golf course. This course offers its high-quality water filtration system as a replacement for the ban on plastic bottles and other items. The course is also home to vast plantations that are advantageous for the environment and the wildlife of that region. 

Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

Emirates Golf Club, the first full grass golf course in the Middle East is a 36-hole golf course and one of the most environment-friendly courses in the world. The Emirates Golf Club has invested a lot in the prevention of carbon use and energy savings by making use of electric golf cabs and solar-powered appliances. The club consists of eco-friendly Green Chargers for visitors to charge their electric cars and has also installed LED lights for night golfing. The golf club has also banned the use of plastic bottles to protect the environment from any kind of harm.

Kiawah Island Golf Club

Very well known for its excellent greenery, the Kiawah Island Golf Club is one of the best golf clubs in the US. Awaiting the PGA championship of 2021, the Kiawah Golf Club has been host to eco-friendly changes since 2014. The course uses Paspalum Grass, a type of grass that takes up a very little amount of water and requires no chemicals making it harm free for the environment. The club also contains water reprocessing and preservation systems as a contribution to the global cause of environmental preservation. Since 2015 the Kiawah Island Golf Club has emphasized the use of bio-friendly products inside the premises of the club.

Troia Golf Club, Portugal

The Troia Golf Club in Portugal is the perfect example of how not to disturb the cycle of nature for the advantage of humans. With wildlife and plants merged inside the boundary of the golf course, the Troia Golf Club is home to over 600 species where each specie contributes greatly to the upkeep of the environment. The club has worked significantly on the reduction of carbon and plastic footprints to keep the wildlife and plantlife safe from the consequent hazards. The biodiversity that the golf club has to offer makes it one of the most eco-friendly golf courses in the world. Its also a great course for beginners and pros alike, the clubs are a bit expensive though so you would want to bring your own, you can check out this guide for some ideas – make sure you come ready.

Laguna Golf Lang Co, Vietnam 

Apart from investing in the global cause of environmental preservation, some golf courses like the Laguna Golf Lang Co in Vietnam have a partnership with nature to work for each other. The golf club has allowed the local farmers to be a part of the maintenance team by utilizing water buffalos to graze around the golf course keeping it maintained. The water irrigation and waste management systems have been employed to keep from providing any harm to nature. This partnership has been beneficial for biodiversity as well as the golf course itself. 

Silver Lakes Golf, South Africa

The Silver Lakes Golf Club in South Africa is another joint-venture between humans and Mother Nature. Being home to a variety of wildlife the golf club is not only a delight for the players but its idea of the floating islands has been a success in providing extra grounds for the wildlife. The club has also made other efforts for the environment such as the use of grass that consumes less amount of water and chemicals and also the application of water and waste recycling systems that minimizes any kind of damage to the environment. The Silver Lakes Golf Club has restricted the use of plastic inside the course premises to reduce the damaging effects of plastic.

Crystal Springs Golf Course, California

Located in California, Crystal Springs Golf Course is one of the golf course in the world that have invested in solar power. Some parts of the resort and the dressing room of the golf course utilize power generated from solar panels. Apart from this, the club has also given importance to the water recycling and irrigation systems while making sure to eliminate the use of chemicals and harmful fertilizers in the grass. 


The environmental-friendly golf courses are a signification to the fact that climate change is a global problem which should be dealt at all levels and should not be considered as a redundant way of spending your money. It has become important to merge the cycle of nature with the cycle of human life to maintain a balance between living a life without disturbing the quality of the environment and without harming the life of other species. 

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