Customising Your Home Without Damaging the Planet

We all need or will want to make modifications to customise our homes at some point in our lives. With the building industry ever booming, it is important to remember the planet and figure out not only the most cost effective way to make these adjustments, but also the greenest way. Although we need to protect our bank balances, we also need to protect our planet.

Going green

One way to make sure your house is eco-friendly would be to install solar panels for your electricity or grow your own vegetables. There are ways to get all of the family involved and most of the time save you money too.

Climbing the stairs

However, when it comes to modifying or customising your home to suit mobility difficulties, it is harder to find ways that are friendly to the planet. However, if you think of someone having difficulty climbing the stairs, the simple solution when you are out and about is to use the lift. Well, these lifts are now available to have installed in your very own home. You can have a lift installed to take you upstairs and back down again and a stairlift quote from a reputable firm will help you establish how much this will cost and what the environmental impacts will be with regards to energy consumption.

In the bathroom

Other ways to help protect the planet while customising your home is to think about your bathroom. Do you waste water when having a bath or shower simply because you struggle and it takes longer than you thought? Then bathroom suites designed for mobility difficulties are great. You can have a shower seat installed which makes taking showers so much easier and hassle free. You’ll be in and out in no time and only using the water you need to and not wasting loads just trying to move around within the shower.

Other improvements you can make include investing in more efficient shower head attachments and appliances which do their best to conserve water. With these gadgets in place you’ll only use the water which you actually need and that means a reduction in waste and in your water bills.

Eco conscious

It is important to always consider the environment before making any modifications to your home – not only does it set a good example to younger individuals but it also gives your green credentials a considerable boost and that can be beneficial for your wallet.


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