Finding Zen in Your Home

Few things relax a person like Zen and meditation. There’s a reason meditation is so popular, and why those who practice it are comfortable and happy with themselves and their lives. But accomplishing a state of Zen tranquility doesn’t have to mean sitting on the floor with your eyes closed for hours on end. Instead, you can accomplish some level of Zen peace simply by surrounding yourself with a calm atmosphere. That means that, if you prepare your house correctly, you can experience the peace and calming of Zen whenever you are home. If you make your house more conducive to Zen, you will find yourself calm, relaxed, and content. Here’s how you can find Zen in your home.


Reduce clutter

Above all, Zen is a state of mind: a clear, clean, and calm state of mind. Clutter is the antithesis of Zen. When your home is cluttered, you naturally feel higher amounts of stress, depression, and unhappiness. These are traits that simply are not compatible with Zen relaxation. By reducing the clutter in your home, you can instantly enhance the level of Zen in your house. Suddenly your home will go from noisy and busy to relaxed and tranquil. In this kind of atmosphere, your mind, body, and soul will quickly follow behind.


Soft colors

Soft colors are much more conducive to peace than bright or harsh tones. To make your home calmer, make sure that your walls and furniture are a subtle color; redwood or cool blue are best, but soft colors such as deep green or lavender can also be comforting. Whites and blacks are acceptable too: the key is avoiding bright colors such as yellows and oranges. With soft colors, you’ll find yourself instantly at greater peace in your home environment.



There’s a reason that burning incense is linked with Zen relaxation. The smell of incense is almost overwhelming to the senses, yet it instantly slows your breathing and soothes your spirit. By burning sticks of incense periodically throughout the course of the day, you will find yourself in a much calmer state of being than usual. If incense is not your favorite smell, candles and burning sage are also conducive to the tranquility of Zen. If you don’t like smoke at all, you can use some essential oil sprays.


Subtle lighting

You need lighting in your home, so you obviously can’t just eliminate your lights. But they certainly don’t need to be as bright as most people’s lights are. By purchasing lower level lights — or, better yet, dimmer lights — you can set the mood of your home to be bright enough for productivity, but low enough for tranquility. Most home lights are abrasive and harsh because they’re so bright, hindering your ability to find a peaceful state of mind. The right soft, subtle lighting can do wonders

With these tips, you can find Zen in your home on a daily basis. You don’t need to meditate if you don’t want to, but simply making your home a Zen haven will allow you to be more relaxed, fulfilled, calm, and happy.


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