6 Ways To Ensure Your Business Stays Eco-Friendly

6 ways to ensure your business stays eco-friendlySustaining a level of Eco-friendliness is beneficial to your business in a variety of ways. Whether you want to do more about protecting the environment, want to save money on overhead costs or both, there are ways you can make sure that this level of sustainability is possible. What are some implementations you can enact in your business that can help you achieve this goal?


Create strategies that can reduce the energy used in your office lighting. Some ideas could be to install motion sensing switches, energy timers and using CFL or LED bulbs when possible. A great deal of energy is lost to organizations every year as lights are left on by staff.

Printing Supplies

Your business could go through a great deal of printing supplies over the course of a year. By switching to recycled paper and environmentally friendly ink alternatives you could save a great deal of money and provide an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Powering it All Down

Depending on the size of your business, your computers and electronic equipment could be constantly draining energy overnight and on weekends. Even in “hibernation mode” electronics are still consuming power. Shut down your devices completely in order to remove this drain on your energy bills as well as the community grid.

Refurbished and Recycled Supplies

Although many of you may like the idea of owning brand new furniture and supplies, refurbished and recycled goods can save you money while enhancing the eco-friendly atmosphere. You can reduce the waste that fills a landfill while providing functionality to your office.

Recycling Bins

While you can’t force the staff to use recycling bins, you could encourage the use of them by implementing a monthly goal to improve morale. Why not by a lunch for the office once per month if the recycled products achieve a certain weight?

Renewable Energy Implementations

Installing solar panels or wind turbines for your business is a sure fire way to improve your eco-friendly tactics. One of the most attractive aspects to solar is the fact that you can install the panels piece at a time as funding permits. One panel here and one panel there is all it really takes to improve your efficiency.

When it comes to the success of keeping your business Eco-friendly, it’s all about the effort you put into making it so. With all of the products that are available to a business, there may be ways to improve the business you’ve never thought of. Explore the possibility of being more Eco-friendly and help the planet while helping yourself.


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