4 Ways Smartphones Could Save the Environment

There is no denial that technology has helped increase the quality of life for billions of people on this planet and there are added benefits for its advancements, but technology comes at the cost of damages to the environment and no matter how energy efficient we become, there may be some form of impact. Environmental impact of cell phones includes an increase in carbon footprint due to inefficient recycling, increase radioactivity and use of energy that can help power millions of homes in underprivileged communities. Over the years, there has been ample research on how do mobile phones affect the environment and researchers and academia has found good ways on how mobile phones can in turn help save the environment too. There needs to be a balance, although it may be hard to reverse all the damage, some repairs are possible.

Helping Make Farming Efficient

The use of pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals has been widespread across the agricultural regions of this globe. Although it has helped in crop production and increased yields, they cause serious damage to the environment through water pollution. If they end up forming algae near rivers teams, water can be clogged and after it is decomposed, oxygen can vanish forming dead zones. Therefore, researchers have explained that smartphones can help understand and give the exact amount of fertilizers needed. Smartphone apps and data gathered from them can be useful in understanding weather patterns too, helping use optimal level of seeds and fertilizers as per the viability of water.

Helps Monitor Pollution

Due to advanced imaging sensors in modern day smartphones, everyone can help provide a check on how much pollution their air has. New applications such as those designed by University of Southern California’s Robotic Embedded Lab use algorithms to differentiate between clear sky and those where pollution is present. In this manner, citizens can provide data over pollution levels, while scientists work on ways and policies that lower carbon emissions in those particular areas. Some applications may help buy essays online to minimize paper usage.

Helps Keep Cars Off the Roads

The burning of fuel is one of the biggest issues that has caused the depletion in the ozone layer while increasing the temperature around the globe. With advanced mapping capabilities, smartphone users can track live traffic updates, and chart alternate routes to reach a destination faster. There are applications that also help find and share a ride. Keeping a higher number of automobiles away from the roads, in turn, helps repair some damage to the environment.

Help Reduce the Use of Energy Resources

To power a smartphone over the average eleven-month period of a user, over 4,221 mega joules of energy is consumed; while the energy usage increases as unplugged chargers are kept operational even they are not charging our devices. This amount of energy can help the power of 28,000 homes. Proper use of smartphones can help understand power consumption of individuals, while also using it to alter how much energy our home needs. Checking the optimal level of air conditioning, heating, and lighting in a house or office online, can reduce the use of natural resources such as coal that powers our homes and industries. Again, it can help manage a critical balance that helps the environment heal.

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