5 Ways Manufacturers Can Go Green

There are big-name companies doing the right thing by decreasing their pollution while manufacturing their products. All around the world, more companies like ICON slide rail and Metal Stamping — WEISS-AUG are understanding the importance of renewable practices and cleaner energy. Their customers understand this too. Millions of people simply will not buy a product that is not made green. The environment can only produce so much, so it is smart for your company to use resources that you can keep getting so you can ensure a successful future of your business. Here are a few ways every company can go green:

1. Research Your Facility

Do you know how much energy you are using and where that energy comes from? Is it renewable? If you truly want to go green, you will need to go through every inch of your facility to see what you can change. There are also companies that you can hire to do this for you.

They will give you comprehensive data on where you spend your energy and what spends the most. This way, you can see what you can change, whether it be machines, the lights, or where you get your office paper.

2. Evaluate Your Lighting

If your plant runs all day or even throughout the night, you need to rethink how you light your buildings. Energy-saver bulbs are a terrific way to get started. However, having solar energy is the best way to bring electricity into your buildings, and it has no impact on the environment.

The sun puts out enough energy to power the entire world, so it is a shame it is not used more. Using solar energy will also save your company a ton of money. You can also make policies that would require your employees to turn off lights when not in use and when it would be safe to do so.

3. Research New Or Alternative Machinery

Your machines work overtime along with your hard workers, so having an energy-efficient machine means faster and easier production and much less of an impact on the environment. The manufacturing industry is the #1 energy consumer in the world. The machines a plant uses are the reason. Research what alternative machines could be used for and how much you can afford. Also, see if old machines can be replaced with newer ones.

4. Heating And Cooling Costs And Energy Usage

During the summer and winter months, in most areas, you need to keep a room at a certain temperature. There are options that may be better for your finances as well as the Earth. Contact the professionals with the expertise on this matter to work toward more energy-efficient HVAC systems. There are new products on the market that will help you attain your goals.

5. Keep The Commitment

You must do what you can to monitor your company’s progress in going green. These things can fall by the wayside if no one is leading the charge against unnecessary energy usage. Keep researching for new and improved ways to have less of an impact. You can also see if what you manufacture can be recycled yourself and if you can get more recycled materials for everything in your plant.

Going Green

Working toward going green is very important for the future quality of our lives in our environment. Stay toward that goal doing what you can as you go forward, and you will be a green company in just a few years.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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