4 Helpful Tips for Going Green at Work

There is no doubt that you are likely familiar with the phrase “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” However, if you are not actively implementing this concept, you are likely producing more waste than necessary. With a little drive and motivation you can easily implement a “Go Green” campaign at your workplace. The following tips will help you achieve this new green program.

  1. Find a Way to Reduce Consumption

There are several ways that you can reduce the amount of waste that is produced in your office. One way to achieve this is to talk with your suppliers about reducing or eliminating the materials that package your supplies. There are many manufacturers who already do this, however you have to request the change in order for it to be successful.  You have to be proactive and work with the suppliers to achieve this goal.

Another way to reduce the amount of waste that is produced by your workingspace is to minimize the number of magazine subscriptions that you receive. Instead of everyone in the office receiving a different copy, opt for one and share. Also, minimize the amount of memos and notes you send. Instead opt for electronic messaging methods. Paper is the number one wasted material in offices; therefore you should take special efforts to minimize this waste first.

  1. Reuse all You Can

Reusing is another option that can help your office go green. This can be done by taking steps such as using china cups instead of paper ones at the water cooler and using paper that has only been printed on one size for notes and other communication methods. Using the paper to its completion will make the most use of it that is possible.

Another option is to reuse packaging materials such as boxes for other purposes. If they are large enough they can even serve as a recycling collection box. You can also reuse envelopes for internal mail and take other steps to get as much use out of an item as absolutely possible.

  1. Recycling is Essential

The last step is to recycle items that qualify. Set up paper, plastic and aluminum recycling collections around your office and coordinate pick up for the items. This is the most effective way to eliminate the waste that is produced by your office and make it a greener, more environmentally friendly space.

The only way you will be able to have success with a business recycling program is by working with the right professionals. You will have to find a way to narrow down the selection of available recycling companies in an area. The best way to do this is by calling around and finding out more about the services they have to offer. Once you have this information, you should have no problem narrowing the selection. Ideally, you want to use a recycling service that deals exclusively with businesses. By doing this, you will be able to get the help needed to implement a recycling program with ease.

  1. Embrace Nature at Every Turn

When trying to make your office space more environmentally friendly, adding a bit of nature is a great idea. Doing things like putting an aquarium in your office space or even some plants can be very beneficial. If you are interested in getting a custom-made aquarium for your office space, you can click here. The money that you pay for this customized piece of art will be well worth it in the long run due to the appeal and beauty it can add. Working with seasoned aquarium builders is the only way to get the results you are after.


With the right amount of work, you will be able to make your workspace green in no time at all. While it may take time to see results from this change, it will be worth the money you invest.

Clay Miller
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