Plant Grow Lights: Things to Consider

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In the recent times many plant grow lights can be installed in the home gardens as well as greenhouse applications for a more commercial usage in the absence of optimum amount of sunlight. Though these grow lights have posed minor risk in terms of short-circuit or fire one must always be prepared for the worst since these electronic devices are bedded in propinquity of water. One must keep an eye on their performance with details whether any sparks or other loose wiring incidences have been reported.


The plant grow lights yield both heat energy as well as a gamut of illumination to the foliage assembled, thus the manufacturing details must be carefully read out first. Before buying do a comparative study of the safety guidelines and whether the product is certified for installation in a damp environment and also for how much duration. These minor things become the cause of major risks if the safety considerations are not kept in mind. Sometimes only a few components of the plant grow lights are suitable for utilization in such conditions or they must be employed in a certain way or at certain distances only. The instruction must be followed for avoiding any accidents later while the high energy consuming equipments that themselves get heated after prolonged usage must be avoided.

Longevity of grow lights

If a non-brand plant grow light is being installed in the gardens for want of funds as they come cheaper one must take a futuristic view and pay heed to the fact that these would get faulty with extended usage over a period of time and the branded, good quality plant grow lights may serve you for a very long time without needing any extra attention. Some very advanced fluorescent grow lights are hitting the markets every day and the user wanting to linger on with the same plant grow light for years together is not too much to ask. But the life span of the lumen of these lights depends on the quality of products fitted into it. The filament and the bulbs may falter in lesser time than promised but if the branded products are bought one can claim until the warranty expires. These plant grow lights usually come with the guarantee period of a year and do not get worn out. The do-it-yourself kits are also problematic when it comes to lighting the plants for long.

Choose a reputable brand

Shoddy systems pose problem and safety concerns and may even cause fire in the whole of the establishment if even a single plant grow light breaks down. The defects in the set may not be easy to find and it’s the user who suffers the most along with the plants. Plant grow lights have be certified and tested for the purpose they are being employed and a flawed unit would get the entire system to go out of order. So when you intend to use plant grow light you should choose reputable manufacturers, which have been accepted by consumers. Before you buy it’s important to read the LED grow light reviews to make sure that product is going to help in your indoor gardening.

The technology has served us well but when the plant grow lights that full operate on electricity and there is presence of moisture in the immediate area of usage safety needs to be reviewed from time to time.

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