Why Small Industrial Robots Are Convenient To Use

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There are different types of automated robots in the market today. The robotic technologies continuously invent different kinds of robots to suit the rising needs of customers. The traditional robots were big and were designed to perform only one task. The modern automated machines occur in all sizes and can perform different tasks in an industrial plant. 

The invention of the small industrial robots is a blessing to manufacturing industries. The following are the reasons why industrial companies should invest in small industrial robots.

 Saves on Space

 The small robotic machines are small in size, thus do not occupy a lot of space. Lack of space is a challenge to many industrial plants, and therefore saving on space is essential.  The small robots can be used in small-sized companies as well as big companies. Most small industrial robots weigh about 3kg and lift masses of up to 20 kg in weight. 

Due to their small size, the robots can be placed on the desktops, on the walls, and the shelves. Despite their small size, the robots work accurately and consistently. The products they produce are of high quality.

Improves productivity

The small robots are designed to perform small tasks such as assembling, picking, placing, and machine tending.  A single robotic machine can do jobs that could have been handled by several people. The robots work at high speed, thus increases productivity in an industrial plant. 

The robotic machine never gets tired, and therefore they work throughout, thus increases production. The small industrial robots produce high-quality products that ensure a steady supply of customers.

Saves On the Cost of Production

The high cost of production is a major challenge facing many manufacturing industries today. Getting skilled labor is hard and expensive. People with specific skills are hard to get; thus, they demand high pay to stick with a particular company. It is hard to get a replacement for such people when they leave the company. The whole company’s production process can come to a standstill due to a lack of skilled labor, which can hurt the whole company.

 The small industrial robots are designed to perform all the industrial processes with precision. Investing in small robots will save on production costs because the robots never ask for salary increments. The robots do not quit the company, and so there is an assurance of continuous production. 

 Enhances Safety

The safety of the workers is paramount in any industrial plant. Most of the industrial processes can cause injuries to the workers. It is estimated that over many workers miss workdays due to injuries sustained in their line of duty. The good thing about using robotic machines is that they never get injured. Thus they will never request for days off. The robots do not require medical insurance neither do they have hospital bills. 

The robotic machines can comfortably do dangerous tasks like lifting, painting, and welding without causing them any damage. The small industrial robots can work safely with human beings without harming them. The sensor installed in the robots enables them to note the presence o human beings in their work environment. The small robots either halt the process or slow down until the area is free from human interference.


 The only cost that is incurred by an industry that uses small industrial robots is the initial capital. After buying the robots, no additional costs are incurred. The robots do not require maintenance costs; neither do they require monthly salaries. Installing robots does not require prior programming knowledge or experience. The easy to follow installation instructions make the robotic machines affordable.  

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