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Mar 15

Are Electric Cars Really the Future?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the development of the electric auto to one innovator or nation. Rather it was a progression of leaps forward – from the battery to the electric engine – in the 1800s that prompted to the main electric vehicle out and about. In the early piece of the century, trailblazers in Hungary, …

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Nov 05

New BMW Electric Vehicle to Debut at the LA Auto Show

While most people are tightly focused on the state of the economy this election year, the recent devastating storm system that caused billions of dollars in damage across the east coast of the United States has people also considering the importance of protecting the environment and working together against climate change. We may not know …

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Sep 25

Umut: China’s Wooden Electric Vehicle

The environment is popular right now. There is almost no other way to say it, and our current fascination with hybrid cars and the associated technologies is evidence to this fact. Within the last decade the automotive industry has seen a staggering number of innovations and developments in the environmentally-friendly direction, with more and more …

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Sep 14

How to Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home

Electric cars are all the rage, and for very good reason. They’ve been around for a while, but as they’re becoming more and more highly-developed, many are arguing that they will continue to represent the next step in environmentally-friendly automobile evolution. With more and more companies offering a wider and wider selection of electric cars …

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Aug 22

Ford Plans to Invest $135 Million in Electric Vehicle Development

When electric cars first made their way into the automotive industry, what was the first thing that came to your mind? Did you think that they would become as popular as they are? Definitely, as the eco-friendly movement continues to evolve, it would appear that electric cars are not going anywhere anytime soon. And with …

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