Tips for a Successful Garden Makeover

Whether you have not yet put much work into your garden, or you have been gardening for years and simply want to change things up a bit, spring is the perfect time of year for a garden makeover. This can mean whatever you want it to mean, from a minor plant rotation to a complete overhaul. However, it can often be difficult to decide exactly what you want to change in your garden. These tips may help you get started.

#1: Install Raised Beds

If you want to enhance the appearance of your garden without completely redoing it, consider creating raised beds around the plants you are already growing. There are many different options for how to frame in these raised beds; choose the one that best suits the look and feel you are trying to create in your garden. Old wooden railroad trusses are popular choice, as are large, flat weathered stones. Make sure you leave sufficient space between or around the beds for people to walk comfortably.

#2: Add a Water Feature

Adding some type of water feature is a somewhat more complicated process, but it can completely revolutionize your garden’s appearance. Whether you choose to install a small, self-contained fountain or a more extensive network of streams and koi ponds, water features can truly set your garden apart. These larger features may require specialists to ensure they are set up correctly, but you may be able to install smaller features yourself. In fact, some garden supply stores sell completely self-contained pre-made koi ponds and similar features that are relatively error-proof.

#3: Diversify What You Plant

The term “garden” means different things to different people. However, one great way to shake things up in your garden is simply to change the type of plants you are growing — or at least to add a new section. For example, if your garden has primarily contained flowers up to this point, try incorporating elements of an herb garden in or around it. Not only can these herbs diversify the appearance of your garden, they can create a unique and refreshing scent as you walk through it — not to mention a useful crop in some cases. Similarly, if you primarily grow an herb garden, try adding some sections for fruits or vegetables, or if you primarily grow vegetables, try adding flowers to beautify your garden.

#4: Incorporate Maturing Trees and Shrubs into New Garden Designs

Over time, the ornamental trees and shrubs you plant will become much larger and more prominent features in your garden. This will necessarily require some planning and adjustment of your garden’s layout. For one thing, flowers and other plants that once thrived next to your larger shrubs may no longer get enough sun. This is not necessarily a problem; it is simply a natural part of your garden’s evolution over time. Think of it as an opportunity to try new things in your garden, such as by discovering plants that thrive in the shade.

#5: Change Your Overall Color Scheme

One easy way to jumpstart your creativity when overhauling your garden is to start by changing up your garden’s overall color scheme. For example, if most of your flowers and other plants have a pink and blue theme, try planting a garden with a bright red and orange theme this year. Of course, if you have never planned any particular color scheme for your garden, this is the perfect time to select one. Once you have determined what color scheme you want, you can begin to explore what plants will fit best with that theme.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not stress about coming up with perfect ideas for your garden. After all, the process of creating a garden is half the fun — and if you decide you do not like how a particular part of the garden turned out, you can always change it during your next garden makeover.

Guest post contributed by Sally Freeman, on behalf of Newpro containers. Sally is a landscape designer and in her spare time she enjoys writing articles to share her expertise in planning and designing garden layouts.

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