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Ideas for Decorating With Candles

When people hear of house décor, they often think of furniture arrangement, tapestry and wall decorating. There is a particular form of decoration that often goes unnoticed – decorating with candles. How do candles add to the interior décor? Candles are an affordable form of lighting that can be used for aesthetic functions as well. Candles can help you to set the mood for a romantic night, a birthday party or whatever other occasion. This can be achieved simply by being creative in how you place them in your house. Here are a few ideas for decorating with candles:

Make Table Centerpieces

Candles are an excellent idea to use as a focal point of a table. To effectively use candles for making a centerpiece for your table, you can use a glass bowl. Glass disperses the light and creates an enchanting feeling. Glittery objects such as crystals or even water placed inside the glass bowl serve to boost the effect. Another idea is to completely immerse the candles in a glass jar. Depending on the thickness of the glass, the light will disperse in a delightful manner.

Arranging candles in a pattern

Candles that are placed in a pattern can create different effects. If placed on the tables in an organized manner they create a point of focus. The eyes of the occupants of the room will be drawn to this focal point. The converse of arranging candles in a definite manner, where you scatter candles in candle holders around the room, can be used to create a sense of randomness. There is nothing wrong with being random, it is all about what is more appealing to you. In fact, if your reason for setting up candles is a romantic night, a random arrangement would be better. But if you are planning a family dinner, arranging candles in patterns would work just fine.

Placing candles in front of a mirror

Mirrors reflect light. By placing a candle in front of a mirror, you will effectively increase the lighting by taking advantage of the reflection of light. This can be used when you want to achieve a brighter and warmer atmosphere in the room. Using a mirror is suitable in living spaces such as the lounge. If you do not have a mirror installed in your lounge, you can go ahead and acquire one because all it needs is a small mirror that is equal to the size of the candle.

Using scented candles

Scented candles, although not providing visual enhancement, can help create a desired mood in the house. The human brain functions by receiving signals from our senses. If a room smells good, the mind will convince you that the room feels good. The person in the room will feel welcome. There are many scents to choose from, ranging from heavy musk, suitable for a romantic night, to citrus fruit floral fragrances suitable for a relaxed bath.

Decorating with candles is not suitable for indoor purposes only, it is suitable for outdoors as well. Candles are eco-friendly too and this is one of the greatest advantages that people should consider when selecting decorating items for their homes. Whichever way you decide to decorate your house or event, do not fear to experiment with colors, shapes and sizes.

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