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Top 5 Ideas for Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

Choosing wedding favors is an important decision. They say a lot about who you are as a couple. You want to spend this part of your budget wisely, offering parting gifts that your guests can’t wait to bring home. If you are reading this, chances are you are trying to plan an environmentally friendly wedding. Here are some green gift ideas that are sure to please your friends and family and uphold your environmentally conscious lifestyle.

  1. Potted plants or tree seedlings: Whether or not you have a green thumb, this party favor idea is easily accomplished and makes a big statement about the natural life you lead. You can choose potted plants based on their aesthetic appeal, like flowers, or if you love cooking, use fresh herbs like mint and basil. Either of these options is found at any hardware store, and your guests can choose to replant them in their own gardens. Tree seedlings can be purchased in bulk in a variety of species. These baby trees make a great symbol of you and your new spouse’s enduring and continuously growing love as well as your desire to sustain the environment.
  2. Make a donation: One way to ensure your party favor budget is effectively utilized is to make a donation to your favorite charity on behalf of your guests. Maybe it is an organization to which you have given a lot of your time and energy. Perhaps it is one that makes great strides toward environmental conservation. Include notes with the place settings describing your decision and the benefiting nonprofit. This option makes a longer-lasting impact than candy with your faces printed on them. Remember that your guests are attending your wedding because they love and support you, not because they expect freebies.
  3. Get crafty: The craft beer business is booming. Perhaps you have joined the throngs of hops enthusiasts who enjoy brewing their own beer. Maybe you always wanted to take a crack at it but could not justify taking on another hobby. Here is your chance to impress your guests with a matrimonial brew. You can print your own personalized labels and use recycled bottles. This favor idea might take some patience and perfecting, but in the end you will have a memorable product and a bona fide new skill.
  4. Get cooking: If you are passionate about cooking but not about beer, treat your guests with homemade jam or pickles. Use items from your own garden or from the local farmers’ market. If jarred and canned properly, these items can last several months before being opened, allowing your guests to enjoy this party favor for a long time. Just like the beer bottles, you can design and print your own labels for an added unique touch.
  5. Personalized aluminum water bottles: Not only does this wedding favor encourage eco-friendly behavior, but it is very practical as well. Give your guests a reason to stop buying plastic bottles of water with this one-of-a-kind reusable gift. You can find this item from many retailers at wholesale prices. Many of them offer personalization and a wide array of colors and styles that almost make it harder to choose than wedding dresses!
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